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Friday, May 18, 2007

"Sharpton Watch" Over - Rev. Al Responds to DL Hughley

Monday, May 21st Morning Update: Some of you may continue calling the National Action Network about this DL Hughley situation. That is your choice, but might I suggest a different use of your anytime minutes, Viacom, Mr. Hughley's new employer. DL has a new show coming out this fall on BET. You can call Viacom at (212) 258-6000 read them DL's quote and ask them if DL Hughley is the best they have to offer to America. Let me remind you that Rev. Sharpton doesn't own any networks or comedy clubs. While calling the National Action Network may make you feel better, calling Viacom may actually be a more effective use of your time, talent, and treasure ( anytime minutes). (212)-258-6000, just go ahead and save it in your cellphone. ( I called and got transferred into oblivion, so I will have to regroup after work.)

Folks Sharpton Watch is over. I got an e-mail from Tamika Mallory, Director of National Action Network Decency Initiative at 5:13 PM Friday. The following is Rev. Sharpton's statement regarding the D.L. Hughley Situation. We'll be talking more about this on the Black Women's Roundtable Saturday at noon.

It has recently come to our attention that D.L. Hughley has made
disturbing comments about the young women of the Rutgers basketball
team. Let me start by reaffirming the position of the National Action
Network. We do not accept or find humor in the denigration of women or
any other group. It does not matter whether the person making the
statement is black, white or from any other race. Nor does it matter
whether the intent of the comment is a lame attempt at humor, a racist
attack, or in the case of Mr. Hughley, an obvious attempt to create
publicity for himself. It is sad that after a very successful career in
comedy, Mr. Hughley would stoop to behavior that is disrespectful to
women as a means of self promotion. We hope that the entertainment
industry will see through this feeble attempt to gain publicity in order
to find his next job.

In Progress,

Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network & Tamika
Mallory, Director of National Action Network Decency Initiative
Yes. I know some of you will think it is not enough but if you remember ALL we asked for was ANY response to DL's comments, and we got that. It was a small victory for a blog that isn't a month old. Stay tuned for our big summer effort regarding Black Exploitation Television. Thank you to those of you who called and e-mailed and urged me along.