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Monday, July 23, 2007

BREAKING NEWS! - BET Changes "Hot Ghetto Mess" to "We Got to Do Better"

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There was a back channel of communication opened Friday with BET. A third-party indicated that BET was on their knees and didn't know what to do. I never spoke directly with anyone, but gave the third-party a list of alternatives including changing the name to " We Got To Do Better." (scroll down THE PAGE HAS BEEN MOVED- BET, Don't make me have to resort to screen captures AGAIN! Okay, here is the new page where you can see the page description for WE Got to Do Better. I also got a screen capture this time.) Well BET took the lamest option that they could and changed the name.

"We Got To Do Better" (WGTDB) is an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek examination of the good, the bad and the ugly of Black popular culture. Utilizing comedy, man-on-the-street interviews, video clips, pictures and music, WGTDB aims to shine a spotlight on prevalent images in pop culture and examine what role they play in the American lifestyle. WGTDB goes where most shows fear to tread! As host Charlie Murphy guides you through booties shaking, thug life, baby mamas and pimped out high schoolers, HWGTDB will explore what the prevalence of these images in the media and on-line really means to all of us. Cutting edge, original, relevant and irreverent, WGTDB is like the traffic accident you can’t look away from. Viewers will laugh, they'll cry, they'll think, they'll learn and hopefully recognize ... we've GOT to do better."
HA! DO yall see where somebody was using the find and replace function to chance HGM with WGTDB? They left on the "H". Notice "car wreck" has been changed to "traffic" accident. Black Exploitation Television: All style. No substance.

Changing the name and dropping the logo does three important things. First, it severs the show from that abominable and disgusting website and does not further promote it ( THAT was their Achilles heel. The content of the website was indefensible). Second, it prevents normalizing the application of the term “Hot Ghetto Mess” to poor Black folk through the use of cable television. Third, it prevents the use of a blackface cartoon as a promotional tool.

Any advertiser that is going to be foolhardy enough to advertise on this show, whatever the name, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY CLIP, EVERY PHOTO, EVERY JOKE that appears anywhere NEAR your commercial. You will not be able to say that YOU HAD NO IDEA. IGNORANCE will not be treated as an excuse and Foolishness will be punished SEVERELY!

I have got to think about that. Weigh in folks weigh in. " Technically" "Hot Ghetto Mess" is "Hot Ghetto Gone."

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