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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Juanita Bynum Attacked By Husband ( Severely!)

Say it ain't so. I had heard rumblings of trouble and I have some issues with the Prophetess, but I will never forget "No More Sheets," every Black woman, heck every woman, ought to have that DVD. I ain't gone say anything untoward, right now. Just send up a prayer for her. Sisters you KNOW she had some warning signs. Trust your instincts..... and then go get a CHL. The lord helps those who help themselves. These "preachers" I tell ya'. You have got to watch 'em. What is even more fascinating is the response from "church folk."

I know my "work" is skewing my perspective, but DAYUM! It feels like open season on us. I would like to take a moment out to send Kudos to the bellhop, for intervening and coming to this woman's aid when the man who was supposed to love, honor and cherish her brutally attacked her. Let that marinate! Speak on it.

If you have never heard of the Prophetess, and yes she has her critics ( I can be one on occasion), here is a clip of her during happier times. I don't know of a more charismatic female public speaker. YouTube has a sampling of her work, but here is one of my favorites. She is counseling a couple at a conference. Hilarious!

And one of her more memorable clips to a survivor of a sexual assault. Really, they gave Iyanla a TV show, but Iyanla doesn't have anything on Juanita when she is ON.

Even though I have "issues" with "church folk" and am a devout member of Bedside Baptist Church, led by Pastor A. Larm Clock, Sr., there is still nothing more entertaining than TBN when Juanita Bynum is hosting "Praise The Lord" I am going to be watching the listings for her next appearance. That testimony is going to be Must See TV. Please. PLEASE.

WARNING: Do not leave proselytizing comments. Don't leave comments about my church attendance of late, I put in 18 years of going to church Sunday through Monday, I've earned plenty of comp time. Trust that I can go toe to toe with you. Nobody knows "church folk" better than moi. Besides, my Mama is already on the case.