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Friday, August 10, 2007

NAACP Contacts WADO- National Office Won't Be Speaking Out On Dunbar Village- Addressing Hate Crimes Against Black Women Not 'Mission'

Ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. Mission of the NAACP.
Apparently somebody at the NAACP can't tell the difference between "and" and "or."
It is What It Is.
I just had an enlightening conversation with Richard McIntyre(sp) from the NAACP's National Office in Baltimore. First, despite this story being about a month old, nobody in the NAACP National Office had apparently heard of it. Second, they were so late in returning my call because they don't check their voicemail ( his words not mine). Third, the NAACP does not get involved in Black on Black crime at the National level because it is not the result of racism. Fourth, the local Florida branch will be going to West Palm Beach on Monday(I'd ask why it took them over a month, but we have bigger battles to fight). Fifth, when asked point blank whether they would have become involved if the West Palm Beach victim had been attacked by White teenagers, Mr. McIntyre said the NAACP would probably become involved at the National level.

Mr. Mcintyre kept referring to the crimes at Dunbar Village as if they were your run of the mill crime and not an assault on humanity and civilization. When asked whether they had become involved in the dragging death of James Byrd, a hate crime, Mr. McIntyre replied that he believed that the NAACP did become involved in that case. When I pointed out that this woman appeared to be targeted because of her national origin and gender, Mr. McIntyre conceded that both of those classifications are protected classes.

Mr Mcintyre instructed me to read in order to explain why the NAACP National Office will not become involved in Dunbar Village. I have. My question for him is have the folks at the NAACP read their mission?

This was truly an "educational " experience and I actually was shocked at his candor and I thank him for it. Now that we know the narrow mission of the organization, you can adjust your dues payments accordingly. I have offered Mr. McIntyre all the space he needs on WAOD to rebut anything I have said describing our conversation. He seemed perturbed that I didn't see fit to reason with him. He kept saying " I wasn't hearing [him]." He then implied that we are just after headlines. DUH. We stated that openly that this case isn't getting nearly the attention that it should if the employees in the national office of something called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People don't know about one of the most heinous hate crimes committed against a "colored" person I have heard of in recent history.

He also said that he had heard of me so I guess I am on the LIST of Belligerent Working Class Black Folk. Well good, because he is on OUR LIST!

Don't be mad at Mr. McIntyre. Thank him for his candor. He was honest enough to tell us that the NAACP is only interested in the advancement of colored people n cases where that advancement is inhibited by White folk. If he had not told us so, we would have just kept speculating. Now we know that the NAACP does not become involved in crimes unless the attacker is non-African American so the folks in Newark MIGHT get some response out of the NAACP. Apparently they haven't seen the statistics that Black folks make up 50% of the homicides in this country, but only 13% or the population and 85% of the time when a "Colored" person is slaughtered, it is by another "Colored " person. They have a specialty and that is that....

I just have to ask... How the hell can "Colored" people be "advanced" when they are dying in droves? What good is your housing initiative if you can't be secure inside of your house? What good is promoting education and economic empowerment, if you get gunned down over a parking lot on your way home from work?

So it looks like we know which side they are on in the War on Black Women. The answer is NOT OURS! That is very good to know. Y'all might not like it, but it is what it is.

I am struck by this prong of their mission:" To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all citizens." The residents of the housing projects of Dunbar Village would beg to differ.

F.Y.I. Don't hold your breath waiting on any presidential candidates addressing Dunbar Village. it slipped my mind that Florida is a "battleground state." Another blogger pointed that out to me today.

P.S. Bruce Gordon.... Now I understand COMPLETELY!

For a look at a 21st century organization addressing 21st century problems, check out the Harlem Children's Zone.