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Friday, August 24, 2007

Open Weekend Thread: They Don't Call Her A Prophetess for Nothing-Access Your Power

Y'all know I am a devout member of Bedside Baptist Church where our Pastor is the Honorable Rev. Dr. A. Larm Clock, Sr., but I was going through YouTube to look at the Juanita Bynum clips and I came across this one and I was like "man, she was talking to us." She ain't perfect, but the message is powerful. "You can't make the right decisions when you are a slave to your emotions" Whew don't I know it. I'm working on that though. Have y'all noticed any improvement? See how calm I was about the little wrinkle that popped up this week? Cool as a cucumber (comparatively speaking). She goes off on a tangent at minute number 4, but the first four are good. Don't be a dreamer folks!

"This is the hour that you have to get it right and get it right now."

I'm taking the weekend off. The guest columnists will moderate the comments. Enjoy. I have to finish this book y'all. We ain't got time to wait.

Y'all pray for Juanita Bynum..... oh yeah and Bishop Weeks too ( I guess).

"He is extremely sad over the events that have taken place," said Edward Garland, another attorney representing Weeks. "I think there is hope on his part that the relationship can get past these difficult moments. (SOURCE)
Um, Nah, just her. "These difficult moments"?? WTH? Choking punching and kicking YOUR WIFE is not a difficult moment. I swear to goodness if they have some kind of reconciliation testimony.......... Let that marinate and then Speak on it!