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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Updated List of the "Immorally Indifferent"- Media Contact Info - Presidential Sweepstakes.

We've expanded the List of Immoral Indifference to the Dunbar Village gang rape. ( If someone is erroneously on this list, let me know and I will be elated to scratch their name off. I would be happy to have no list at all!We've expanded the list in the name of gender equity.) For a list of almost every African American Organization known to man go here.

For a list of the Original Members of the List of the Immorally Indifferent You still need to keep calling and emailing the original group, they ought to be even more embarrassed if the new additions come out first as the Original Members had almost a 96 hour head start.(We'll keep adding names to the list)

New Editions to the List of the Immorally Indifferent on Dunbar Village

National Council of Negro Women, Inc
Telephone: (202) 737-0120
Email: ncnwinfo@ncnw.org
Why on the list? Extraordinary educator and political leader Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955) founded NCNW in 1935 and envisioned it to be an "organization of organizations" that would represent the national and international concerns of Black women. It would also give Black women the opportunity to realize their goals for social justice and human rights through united, constructive action. ( taken verbatim from their web site.)

National Coalition of 100 Black Women
Office: 212.222.5660

Why on the list? "[T]he National Coalition of 100 Black Women has been created to establish a leadership forum for Black Women from all geopolitical and socioeconomic groups whose overall mission is to provide a national and international medium through which they can develop, initiate and implement action plans designed to pursue social, economic and political gains"

National Organization For Women (NOW) Action Center
Email Contact Form ( see Katie's sample if you don't know what to write)
Phone:(202) 628-8669 (628-8NOW)
Why on the list? They didn't have a problem issuing a press release during the Duke case.

Presidential Sweepstakes
( Katie has model e-mails in the comments.Copy, paste, insert.)

At this point I don't care which one of the 65 declared candidates for President of the United States issues a statement a) chronicling the horror of Dunbar Village, b) listing info for the victim's assistance fund, c) calling on the city, county, state to either make Dunbar Village safe or get out to the residential housing business ( I don't care that folks are paying $150 a month, some governmental entity held themselves out to be offering shelter suitable for human habitation. Clearly it ain't) d) point out that the city could have seen this coming a mile away as this one complex received 650 717 police calls in a single year, e) highlighting that the media spent more time talking about Mel B, Eddie Murphy, and Iris than this case, f) point out that seven of the ten suspects remain at large to continue to prey on the community, g) for good measure point out the moral inconsistency of folks who wail at the moon if a Black person is assaulted or killed by a White person , but have been radio silent on Dunbar Village, the Newark massacre , and Chauncey Bailey.

So rev up the e-mail and the phone calls. Leave a comment for which candidate makes a statement first. And they can't just put it on their website. It only counts if one other place mentions it as well. I don't care if the one other entity is the church newsletter. Any candidate. Any party. At this point I don't care who it is. A certain candidate who I may NEVER mention in this site EVER in life has had a 96-hour lead and despite the assurances of "staff", hasn't produced a thing. Let's see how long it takes the rest of them to get a clue and have a high school intern crank up the word processor and mimeograph machine.

Please ask these folks to spend 1 minute for each hour they spend talking about Eddie, Mel B, Baby Iris, Lindsey, Nicole Richie and child, Paris, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Angelina, and Brad, to talk about Dunbar Village or any of the crimes I've mentioned. Most of their contact info can be found here.