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Monday, September 17, 2007

More Video From Enough is Enough Ralley on Debra Lee's Front Porch - You Saw it Here First!- Viacom CEO Speaks

Be sure to read our earlier posts on the rally.

Also in case you missed the "articles" on BET in Ebony and Essence, you might not know that BET is on a PR offensive right now to convince people that they aren't Viacom's Hot Ghetto Mess. The latest is in Broadcasting and Cable called "A Decent BET"(SMH) featuring the Viacom CEO's role in all the "improvements" were seeing, but also outlining the fact that BET is experiencing some "difficulties" as well. It also highlights what TV ONE is doing right. Y'all BET is Wal-mart, TV One is Target basically in this story.

It points out that the once dominant BET has competition and TV One is surging. If I was Debra Lee, I would add a page to her strategic plan, stop doing stupid things to enrage large segments of the African American community like follow up the blazing success of the roll out of Hot Ghetto Mess with "Read a M(*&^$$@ Book!" All this talk about "Balance" is a bunch of nonsense. It's like being kinda pregnant or having a tumor that is kind of malignant.

Enjoy video from the rally.
Part One

Part Two

Part Three