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Monday, September 3, 2007

You Must Hear this..."My Letter to Hip Hop" by Bridget Gray Poetry

Just as I was about to put that Canadian citizenship application in the mail, one of my readers sent this to me. I'm crying right now. There is hope. Sweet Jesus!

Her name is Bridget Gray and she is taking no prisoners! I might not have to move to the Rockies and live off the land after all. She has a website and a CD out. You can listen to her music/poetry on her myspace page. She is currently on tour. Oh SHE MUST BE HEARD! I might have to unclamp the pocketbook and cop it. Thanks Janice for the heads up.

UPDATE: BUMP THAT! She needs to be on the radio. Call your local hip hop radio station and ask to speak to the station/programming manager and ask why you have not heard her tracks on their station. Ask them why they are discriminating against artists who ain't talking about pimping, slanging hash, and drugs. I am about to call now. matter of fact e-mail them. Hell. Just what I need, another campaign.