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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Damon Wayans - Says Imus Was Right to Call Black Women Nappy-headed Ho's

Thanks to AJ over at Over Analyze It for the heads up. Daymon Wayans stepped and fetched it over to The View and when the subject of Imus came up, he said the following:

[Y}ou know what? When he called them nappy-headed ho's, I went, 'Wow, he's right!' " SOURCE
You can see the video here. He didn't stop there either:
"Black people at home are laughing right now," he said. "White people are going, 'That's not right!' It's all cultural." SOURCE
Just like DL Hughley, the message is clear, you can call Black women out of their names, it's okay because "look, I'm a black man and I think they are nappy headed hoes too!"

Does he have a show out now? Ha. HA. Hell.