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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OH HEYEEEEEL NO! Bossip Calls Maya Angelou a "Ho"- T-Mobile and Verizon PAY FOR IT!

Bossip has always been edgy, but this foolishness right here is ridiculous. They have a picture of Dr. Maya Angelou underneath a caption called "Ho Sit Down". They have been consistently critical and mocking of anyone supporting Hillary Clinton labeling certain people sellouts and "ho's", including calling Hillary Clinton a "Ho" They claim that they aren't calling HER a "Ho", but what other conclusion could you come to? Wait... is that a T-mobile ad I see?

Update: Call T Mobile and Verizon and ask them to stop using your money to call Dr. Angelou a "Ho". Because that is what they are doing. When you advertise on a site, you are paying to produce its content. So T Mobile and Verizon paid for this Foolishness right here! Stop Funding Foolishness

T Mobile Corporate:

800-318-9270 (PDT)

Verizon Communications
Corporate Headquarters
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007

Telephone: 800-621-9900
Or if you are a blogger who wants to do a post, this guy is the media relations person for "branding issues"
Jim Smith
Media Relations
(908) 559-3477