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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Verizon Wireless Pulling Ads From Website Featuring the Dr. Maya Angelou - "Ho Sit Down" post

As you know on earlier this week, we reported on a blog which placed a picture of Dr. Maya Angelou under the caption "Ho Sit Down". I also talked about this yesterday on National Public Radio.
Verizon and T Mobile were advertising on the site.

You know our philosophy, you can put out whatever vile offensive stuff you want, I just don't want to pay for it. As both a Verizon and T Mobile customer, I don't want my monthly fees going to give money to produce something calling any Black woman a ho. Verizon is pulling their ads from THAT SITE.If you find that entertaining, fine, then you pay a subscriber fee and you pay to be entertained.

Blkseagoat just forwarded this letter from Verizon Wireless.

Hi Shane,

I got your voicemail and here is the response:
It is never our intention to offend anyone with our advertising and we have strict guidelines in place to prevent our ads from appearing on sites that are offensive. We are in the process of removing the site from our list of advertising outlets and are working to remove the ads. We are also reviewing our process to determine what happened and to ensure that mistakes like this don't happen again.

Brenda B Raney
Verizon Wireless

What about T-Mobile?
T Mobile Corporate:
800-318-9270 (PDT)

Read the original post:OH HEYEEEEEL NO! Bossip Calls Maya Angelou a "Ho"- T-Mobile and Verizon PAY FOR IT!