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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daymon Wayans Thinks Violently Attacking Black Pregnant Teens is Funny: "Abortion Man"

We've already covered the fact that Damon Wayans is contemptuous of Black women. But just when you think he could not have sunk to the lowest of the low, he pulls out a shovel and starts digging "I can go lower! I can go lower!" See the magnitude of the Black woman hate in his latest offering on his YouTube Channel called "Abortion Man"

In the clip a young teenage girl calls her boyfriend to announce she is pregnant. After he belies her fear that he is angry, she expresses her happiness about the prospect of having a baby. Immediately after hanging up the phone with his girlfriend, the boyfriend sticks his head out the window and calls for help from Abortion Man, a "super hero' with his chest emblazoned with a baby with a red line drawn through it. Abortion Man then goes to accost the teen girl as she is walking on a sidewalk. He calls her a "fein" and then ' punches and knees her in her stomach. She falls to the ground where he stumps on her stomach and a bloody baby flies out of her womb.

Abortion Man is touted as the solution to one of man's most daunting fears. Really? Brutalizing pregnant women is a solution? Just for some perspective:

According to the CDC, black women have a maternal homicide risk about seven times that of white women. Black women ages 25-29 are about 11 times more likely as white women in that age group to be murdered while pregnant or in the year after childbirth. CBS News
"Abortion Man" is a burning cross. Its hate imagery that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. That isn't even addressing a slander on Black men.

Unlike his video for "Sniggers" a candy bar shaped like a Black male penis, YouTube has placed no age restriction on "Abortion Man." Kids apparently need to be protected from candy penises, but no such age controls are needed when you depict a violent attack on a pregnant Black girls.

By the way, Toyota is running ads on the WayOutTV YouTube Page. All you Black folks rolling around in Camrys are supporting this foolishness right here.

Where are the black folks creating content that is funny without having to rely being hateful towards Black women and girls? They have to be out there.

Watch his idiotic comments on The View in support of Don Imus: