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Monday, May 19, 2008

Black Woman in Distress: 911 Operator "I Don't Give a Sh@# What Happens TO You!"

Hat Tip to WAOD Reader B Little.

A Black woman in Nashville, TN named Sheila Jones called 911 in a three-hour ordeal in which she says she was being terrorized by her knife-wielding boyfriend. Even though Sheila was hysterical, the cable technician who was in the house working on the cable in the house called 911 as well. I think the cable guy was calling to let 911 know the boyfriend did NOT have a knife, but he got caught up in the case because he couldn't leave until the police arrived. You can listen to all of the calls to 911 over on the NewsChannel5.com website. Listen to the second call from the cable guy. Irrespective of what went down, listen to what the 911 dispatcher said when Shelia hung up the phone.

Sheila: "Nobody's coming out here?"
911: "Yes, ma'am. As soon as the sergeant gets an officer available, he's gonna send somebody out there."
Sheila: "What, do y'all want him to kill me - so you can put yellow tape around me and say we got there just for the death? Is that it? I don't understand."

Sheila: [Hangs up.]
911: "I really just don't give a s**t what happens to you."


Somebody send me some good news about a Black woman. Did a sister discover the cure for cancer recently? Swim the English Channel? Did you lose 100 pounds and you want to brag about your weight loss. There must be some goodness and light in the world related to Black women that is newsworthy!