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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Creator of Michelle Obama Torture Depiction Unrepentant : "appropriate, historically accurate and politically relevant"

"You have to admit that the sensationalist image snagged a lot more readers though. unrepentant.BTW I took that image down long before anyone realized it. I figured I'd take it down as soon a I hit a certain number of comments.I still think that it was entirely appropriate, historically accurate and politically relevant.Besides, it was an ILLUSTRATION, a FICTION not a PHOTO. I still don't get what all the uproar was about mainly because only one person bothered to really articulate their feelings."
One Citizen from Daily Kos, creator of Michelle Obama Torture Depiction

Oh he has no idea how much attention his "sensationalist" image has garnered. Since we first posted about this post at the "progressive" liberal blog Daily Kos , the creator of the Michelle Obama torture depiction is still blissfully ignorant of the widening horror and anger he is evoking in the Black community. CLUELESS! DOn't you LOVE the benefits of "privilege." You get to read about the horrors of lynching and make collages depicting it. How nice it must be to be "progressive." Feel free to share with him how deluded he is because he is under the impression that its only right wing Republicans who have a problem with this image.

Perhaps y'all can educate him about using the torture of Black woman as his tool to be "sensationalist."(I can hear strains from the movie "Deliverance" playing in the background as he came up with his "clever" depiciton) Maybe y'all can impress upon him the fact that the systemic torture, killing, intimidation and oppression of Black people is NOT SENSATIONAL!

Nearly five thousand men and women were lynched in the American South in the years between Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement. These black men and women were not slaves. They were hardworking, taxpaying citizens of America who had been granted the right to vote and given equal protection of the law in the American Constitution. Yet they were viciously murdered for tiny infractions of a racist social code. These gruesome murders were carefully constructed to impact the entire community. The lynch mob not only killed its victim, it stripped whole communities of any sense of security, protection, or predictability... That such a horrifying imaging of Michelle could be deployed in her so-called-defense made me sad, angry and really very scared. Melissa Harris-Lacewell, The Root

Ask our parents and grandparents how "sensationalist" lynching or the threat of lynching was? I don't even have the patience to deal with this level of ignorance. He has the luxury of reveling in how clever he was because I doubt he or his grand parents or great parents experienced or had to live under the fear of being kidnapped hung from a tree, branded with a branding iron and set on fire among other horrors.

Now he is saying he regrets taking the picture down.

For all that hoopla, not on came up with any argument against the actual words on the graphic. One Citizen from Daily Kos on his Michelle Obama Torture Depiction
This One Citizen is a prime example of what often goes wrong with people who believe that they are "progressive" liberals, they think their self declaration as "liberals" makes them immune from being ignorant, racist, and misogynist. Support for Barack Obama is not your "Get Out of Being Racist Free Card!" Being labeled an "Uppity Liberal" has no parity with being lynched.