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Monday, June 23, 2008

WAOD In the News: R. Kelly, Michlle Obama Watch, and We're Internationally Known!

Well, I have been so swamped, I haven't been able to keep you abreast of the latest blog related developments.

Blogging While Brown
For those attending Blogging While Brown, the discounted hotel rates end on June 24th. Even if you haven't registered, you might want to reserve the hotel and your flight.

WAOD/ Michelle Obama Watch in the News

One Friday Allison Samuels wrote a piece on R. Kelly asking why so many Black women were supportive of Chester. I was a bit taken aback that she indicated that many readers of THIS blog were voicing support for R. Kelly:

African-American blogs such as Young, Black and Fabulous, What About Our Daughters and Essence quickly filled up with letters from women exclaiming their joy over Kelly's freedom.
Thanks for the link Allison, but I don't think that reflected the overall sentiments expressed in the comments section of our R. Kelly open thread. The quotes I supplied in the post were from ESSENCE.com featuring comments supporting R. Kelly. The foolishness occurred over there at ESSENCE.com, not here. I don't recall anybody here expressing joy. But that is neither here nor there. The article near the end made clear that IIIII didn't support Chester, so I didn't parse details.
That may be beginning to change. The site What About Our Daughters posted a strongly worded petition this week urging black men to stand up for black women and to stop supporting anyone who exploits their daughters, sisters and wives (the site is run by women, but the petition was written by a man). "I would have to say," the site points out, "that during this entire R. Kelly ordeal, it was Black women and not Black men who acted the most disturbing in their defense of R. Kelly."
You bet things are beginning to change. Black women are giving up sacrificial lamb duty and we no longer have to rely on mainstream media and the Black Elite Establishment to have a voice.

The Guardian

I wrote something for The Guardian about Michelle Obama's "makeover." It was called "Michelle Obama's makeover:The media is transforming Michelle Obama from a classy, accomplished woman into a cookie-baking robo-wife".

I had a lot of fun with it and the editor let me be me. For those of you who miss my fabled rants, I think you will enjoy the piece I did for The Guardian. Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments section over there.

Michelle Obama Watch
Michelle Obama Watch has been all over the news and new offers of assistance roll in everyday. Salon did a piece on us when we were less than 24 hours old. We got a mention in the Wall Street Journal on our second day online. and Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post also mentioned us.

In other words, I have been swamped and am exhausted. Thanks to all of the contributors over at MOW. I really didn't do anything to promote the site other than post about it on this blog and it is kind of taking on a life of its own. We're still getting our sea legs but it should be an interesting summer or an unmitigated disaster.

Don't forget I am still covering the Democratic National Convention in August. I also applied for credentials to the Republican convention, but I haven't heard a peep yet. Help me get there by hitting up the PayPal button in the sidebar or the banner at the top of the page. It doesn't matter whether is is $5 or $50, every little bit helps. Thanks in advance for your support.