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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WAOD Weeps: Black Woman and Child Brutally Killed By Teens..With a Television

I've stopped asking why and have started asking when. When will it end.

According to the criminal charges, Brian Lee Flowers, 16, and Stafon Edward Thompson, 17, knew both Katricia Daniels and Robert Shepard, the two victims who were found by Daniels' boyfriend in their south Minneapolis home last Thursday. Police found three knives, a golf club and a television at the scene of the crime, all of which they believed were used as murder weapons.Court documents say blood was splattered all over the house and a toddler who was in the home at the time of the brutal murder was also splattered with blood. Police say Daniels was stabbed more than 100 times, Shepard died after being smashed in the head with the television. WCCO.com
The authorities have called it "complex homicidal violence." What made these two young men so angry that they would kill a woman and her child in front of a toddler. This wasn't about money. 100 stab wounds. Bashing her in the head with a television set? SHM.

We have ALWAYS had violence committed against Black women and children in the country. Unspeakable violence. When will we stop looking away and acknowledge a pattern? Don't expect this to be on CNN or MSNBC. I am so glad that a WAOD reader was not able to look away and sent me this link. It's bloody, gruesome, and depressing, but we have to acknowledge that this is real and its happening all around us and it is happening on our watch.

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