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Monday, August 4, 2008

Black Woman, LaKecious Edwards , Wins Lawsuit Against AT&T

Hat tip to MTO

Well what are you supposed to do when your coworkers who have less experience and mared disciplinary records get promoted over you and your Black coworkers repeatedly? Well, you certainly don't wait for the statute of limitations to run out your discrimination lawsuit.

AT&T, named one of the 40 "best diversified" companies by Black Enterprise magazine, has been ordered to pay $411,339 to a Fort Worth woman who was one of three African-American employees to file suit accusing the company of racial discrimination at its Arlington call center.LaKecious Edwards received the award from a Dallas jury this week, her lawyer said Friday. FT Worth Star Telegram

Go Lakecious! The reason given for being denied a promotion:
One manager said in a deposition that Edwards was not promoted because she spoke so fast that men couldn’t understand her and because she was too emotional. SOURCE

AAAh yes, "too emotional."

But this was the kicker for me:

"Six other mi- nority employees with simi- lar complaints could not file lawsuits because the statute of limitations ran out while they waited for responses from AT&T’s legal department to internally lodged grievances." SOURCE

LaKecious, please put that money in the bank and live off of the interest.