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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Megan Willams Speaks, Featured Activism, Black Women in the News

Megan Williams and her adoptive mother, Carmen, gave an interview to Final Call. You can read it here. Black and Missing and Afrosphere Bloggers Association are reporting that a group called Black Lawyers for Justice has planned a weekend of events in West Virginia during the first weekend in November.

I don't know who is behind this group. They have pictures of Megan and Carmen on their website that look as if they probably were taken during the Final Call interview. Again, I am glad people are paying attention to this case, they should, but I am worried about this woman.

UPDATE: A source who asked to remain anonymous for some reason is reporting that the Afrosphere Blogosphere Association has learned that the new Black Panther Party is behind The Black Lawyers for Justice march. Proceed with caution and I am going to leave it at that (SMH) I had a feeling.

Janet Jackon CBS Interview

Justsaying emailed to complain about Janet Jackson's treatment during an interview related to promoting the movie “Why Did I get Married”:

Will they ever let it go? And does Justin still get these types of questions and overall disrespectful TREATMENT on his tour. If CBS is still "smarting" over the incident, then simply refuse to bring her on the network or any of its affiliates. Don't bring her on to embarrass and disrespect her!

Breast Cancer in the Black Community

This is from Danielle on behalf of General Mills:
Curb recording artist and second-season “American Idol” finalist, Kimberley Locke has teamed up with General Mills to encourage the Black community to take a more active role in breast cancer prevention. Kimberley, a long-time supporter of breast cancer awareness, has added her personal story to General Mill’s recently launched online community PinkTogether.com, and also has created a public service announcement (PSA) to encourage African Americans, in particular, to engage in the conversation.

The Sisterhood Agenda Seeks Donors and Sponsors

We know that our women and girls are at risk. Self-love and empowerment are critical. Sisterhood Agenda creates and centralizes local, regional and global resources for females of African descent to address health, cultural, social, and economic needs through a variety of innovative approaches, programs and services. Sisterhood Agenda invites you to join us in uplifting women and girls of African descent

To learn more, you can got to the Sisterhood Agenda.

Where in the World is Rev. Jesse?

Candied Yams sent me this article from the Chicago Sun Times. She says:
Harold Ickes but not Dunbar Village? A coincidence?

I say, “Who Knows?” I can't add any additional conspiracy theories to my inbox.

Super Sistas

I have written about Super Sistas before. They ran a film competition earlier this year. They basically are offering a broadband channel for video content about African American women. Imagine YouTube, but it would be just about us and you get to say whether you think the image is positive/negative.
You can check it out by going to Super Sistas.

Wear Red on October 31st

Fallon from over at Document the Silence is leading a campaign to get folks to wear read on the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Be bold, be brave, be red. Wear red on October 31, 2007. Take a picture or video of yourself and friends wearing red. Send it to: beboldbered@gmail.com. We’ll post it!
Take Your Red to the Streets! Know of a location where violence occurred against a woman of color? Have a public location where you feel women of color are often ignored? Make violence against women of color visible by decorating the space in red. Be sure to send us pictures and or video of your display!
Rally! Gather your friends, family, and community to rally. Check out the Document the Silence website for the litany we’re asking participants to read together on October 31st. Be sure to send us pictures and/or video of the event! You could even gather where you created a display!
Share your story of silence. Share your own story of silence by uploading it to the Document the Silence website (http://documentthesilence.wordpress.com/). You can send a story in any form you’d like – as a written statement, video clip, movie, documentary, or visual art. Our goal is to document the silences within our relationships, homes, families, communities, jobs, schools, faith communities, governments, and within our world. We want you to share your story of injustice. Stories that the media, elected officials, self-appointed leaders, and organizations ignore. To upload videos and visual art pieces, please email them to: beboldbered@gmail.com

Another Man Shoots his PREGNANT Girlfriend

They are not kidding when they say that being pregnant makes you at higher risk of violence. Meeky P sent in a note about yet another case of a man shooting his pregnant girlfriend.
Another story of a crazy ex shooting his pregnant girlfriend. This one happened right here in good ol' Tallahassee. *smh*
Read about it here.
We should post the nut's picture on every freaking website!!

Sidenote. Have y'all noticed that I don't post a bunch of photos on WAOD? The legalist in me has these pesky internal limitations on treading on folks intellectual property rights, but if you want to see what he looks like, you can go to the article.

School Says "NO!" to "Superman Dat Ho!"

Hat Tip ts Sandra Rose
Somebody on this planet still has common sense. A high school has banned "Crank Dat" from their high school dances. They have a problem with the word "Ho". Wait until they figure out what Crank Dat and "Superman Dat Ho" mean. They got a wHOle lot more to worry about than that one word. But we'll take it.

And finally, I received SEVERAL E-mails about the Black girl that allegedly had her wrist broken after dropping a piece of cake. Sandra Rose has the latest on that story.

WHEW! Now I feel as if my desk is cleared off!