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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reginald Hudlin Calls Pastor Coates of Enough is Enough a "Punk"in AJC Special "The Rap on BET"

I know I know. That network is like fly paper, if you touch them once they just will stick to you forever. Anty way. On our last podcast, I was discussing the fact that BET executives aren't "normal." Meaning, they say and do things you would NEVER see an exec at MTV or CBS or Proctor & Gamble do. Therefore, letter writing campaigns and meetings don't work with them.

Part of this is because, as I have stated before, they don't really care for working class Black folks all that much and they really can't stand poor black people that is why they thought it was funny to label people "Ghetto" and "Mess" and tell people to "Read A M*(&$#ng Book" Yet when criticized for it they boo hoo and say people are picking on them.

Now y'all know I don't believe in having conversations with these people because they aren't normal executives that you can have a conversation with. Remember when Debra Lee told the students from Spelman that BET was doing better than ever because BET was making more money than ever. Sure, they'll listen to you and then ignore you. If you speak out, Debbie has Reggie call you names in the media. In Ebony Hudlin called critics "Young Fogies". Y'all know about the name calling he hosted over at his message board, in the lead up to the release of THAT SHOW all he had was derision and scorn to heap on the heads of critics who I think any reasonable person MIGHT have said "I can see your point on this. I disagree, but I see your point"

Anty way, now he is calling this Pastor who is leading the protests outside of Debra Lee's house a "PUNK". NAh I didn't stutter.

Q. Would you like to say anything about the protests at your home?

Lee: Protests at my home are totally inappropriate. We have a large office in D.C., and it's a great place to come and protest. Unfortunately, this individual found out that he could get more press by coming to my house. It's just wrong. Given the fact that I sat down with him and tried to hear his concerns, and tried to explain the new programming we're doing, tried to engage in a dialogue. But when you start with a zero-tolerance policy —- I don't like that video and you should take it off.

Hudlin: I just think quite frankly it's a punk move. SOURCE

This VIACOM executive used the "P" word. So is GLAAD going to demand his resignation? *commence holding my breath*
Most equated gayness with effeminacy-and, to a lesser extent, whiteness. From their perspective, to be an effeminate black man (a "punk," a "faggot") is to not really be a black man at all. SOURCE
Hmm. Mr. Hudlin, what eva' did you mean by "punk move"? Elaborate please. Somebody might regret trying to get all GANGSTA' up in the AJC. I'm just asking. Philippe, is this the way you allow your Viacom executives to represent your billion dollar baby?

Um how do you expect to come to the table at some point in the future with Enough is Enough if these protests spread beyond Debra Lee's house as it appears they will because next week protesters are headed to New York? Please, please,please can I be in the room when Viacom wants to come to the table to meet with the Pastor. Please Please Please. I want to live blog it! You just called this man a "punk" and any sane person would conclude that if these protests get bigger or take aim at new targets SOMEBODY is going to want to have a conversation.

Hudlin in his usual pomposity couldn't act like a grown up and Debra Lee ain't slick either. Hudlin is her hatchet man, he takes all the hits while she attempts to sit pretty, but she was sitting side by side with him when he made these comments, as his direct supervisor, why didn't she reprimand him?

So really folks, the next time BET says they are being treated differently your response ought to be"You get treated differently because you engage in behavior that would be unacceptable at any other mainstream media outlet"

Pastor Coates has an editorial in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He is responded to this piece of fluff from Hip Hop's Prognostitute-in-Chief, Michael Eric Dyson. I am assuming the Pastor turned in this editorial before he found out Reginald Hudlin called him a "punk".

Oh yeah, and I am not alone in my views about BET. Read comments from folks all over the place in the AJC's Weekend Special Edition: The Rap on BET.

The AJC compiled a list of the lyrics from the songs nominated for the Hip Hop Awards. SMH "Ignorance Personified"

How arrogant do you have to be to engage in this type of behavior in front of the editorial board of a major US newspaper? Mr. Hudlin. They did the same type of name calling with C. Delores Tucker. Well Mr. Hudlin, prepare to learn the difference between the activists of my parent's generation and those you face now. For someone who is supposed to be smart, that little comment was just plain D-U-M-B.

*goes to sit down on the WAOD stoop and pulls out a bucket of popcorn to watch the fallout. *

Oh yeah, and Rapper T.I. got arrested on weapons charges and it was federal agents so its the big boys. Remember this post "Poor Little Rich Boys" .

TI was talking about setting an example in his own household. Apparently he had machine guns in his house and a small arsenal according to the ATF Affidavit.

Oh and speaking of Reginald Hudlin, he had the following to say about T.I's arrest

When they finished "Hurt," the two artists raised their fists to the crowd and shouted, "Free T.I.P," in reference to the embattled rapper's hit.

BET officials stood firmly behind T.I. "[T.I.] not only has a great career in music but a great career in television, film and anything he sets his mind to," said Reginald Hudland, president for entertainment for BET.

"What strikes me about T.I. is the goodness of his spirit. I think T.I. is a great person and a gigantic artist and he has our utmost support." SOURCE

Nice to know where Reggie stands. Those saying "Free T.I." this is the feds not Fulton County- good luck with that!