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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gabi Wilson: Y'all Pray Atlantic Records Doesn't Get a Hold of Her

Charles, "Mr. Good News" forwarded this clip of Gabi Wilson appearing on the Today Show. She wants to be a writer, producer, musician and a Dentist. I remember those days. I wanted to be an airplane pilot and a lawyer. Dianna Ross and a lawyer. An engineer and a lawyer. That was until I realized that if I stayed in the engineering program I would spend my entire undergraduate career in a basement studying and I'd take five years to finish and although I was good at math and science, I loved the capital markets more. Anyway, here's Gabbi!

May I add that I am most impressed that she can play the piano. Mama tried her best, but the only thing I could manage was a song called Tarantula which I pull out whenever I get near a piano. Three notes and two cords, but you would think I was Liberace with all the drama I bring to it. Slow it down. speed it up. and then fall on the keys as if I am too overwhelmed by my own talent. Fun times. fun times. Can't wait for Christmas so i can do my annual impression of the Rev. Dr. A. Larm Clock, Sr. Pastor of the Bedside Baptist Church. I admire the discipline it takes to play the piano and the muscle memory. Maybe I will try to learn again. Since I'd be the one paying for it instead of the parental unit, maybe I would take it more seriously.

Y'all pray that Gabbi doesn't get a record deal, unless its with Disney. I know it seems counterintuitive, but we all know what a record label is going to try to do with a little Black girl. Throw her in hot pants and have her singing Adina Howard songs. Don't think it could happen? You better ask Keke Palmer. Read "Did Atlantic Records Attempt to Engage in Musical Child Porn? - Keke ("Akeelah and the Bee") Palmer's Story