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Monday, December 17, 2007

GOOD NEWS FROM WAOD: The Whole World Ain't Going to Hell in a Handbasket Edition

Whew Chile'. Y'all had moi worried that folks were having trouble with reading comprehension. Either that or we are so gloomy and doomy round' heya that people can't differentiate good news from bad news anymore. Secondly, they have difficulty differentiating when the good news is about Black women and girls vs. somebody else. I've been handing out rejections, but folks were undaunted, some folks came back again and again until finally, the good news started flowing. There is hope!I am particularly proud of my beloved LURKERS, those who read and never comment- the vast majority of WAOD readership, they have been on the ball. And now for some good news...

Michelle's Good News
Ruth Simmons, president of Brown University, is very popular among students and is one of Glamour's women of the year.
YAY! Ruth Simmons! Michelle also wanted to pass on this good news:
My friend, Nuala Cabral's documentary about women and hip-hop, "Who's That Girl" was aired on Rhode Island PBS.
Yay Nuala!

Charles' Good News

After his first effort, his subsequent good news submissions were rejected, but undaunted, Charles kept coming back with story ideas and he finally hit the jackpot. Yes, it deals with violent crime, but it is about something we complained about, the lack of coverage of Alexis Goggin's story, well the Alexis Goggins story has finally hit a national wire service. Yahoo News is carrying the story out of the Detroit bureau of the Associated Press. They are about TWO WEEKS late, but they got around to it. Read about what Alexis' classmates are doing while she is out recuperating.

In Alexis' special education classroom at Campbell Elementary School, her classmates have named a stuffed toy with pink ears "Hero.""We didn't want Alexis' spot to be vacant, so she's got a sweet bear to sit in her place until she comes back," said her teacher, Angela Lang. SOURCE

Yay Alexis and Yay Charles for their resilience. Y'all pray for both of them.

Latonya's Good News

Y'all give a round of applause to WAOD reader Latonya she just got some sheepskin and her daughter, Sarah is intellectually curious:

I just wanted to say that this past Saturday I completed my final class for my BA in Health Services Administration! I'm a returning student (took me more than 10 years to do it) and with a full-time job, husband, and 8 year old daughter, it wasn't easy. And, I've been accepted to grad school starting in August! Thank you for giving me a forum to shout this from the rooftops. lol.

My 8 year old daughter Sarah, has a very strong interest in math and science. Her favorite thing to do in math is story problems (I guess because no has told her that most people hate them and think they are hard) and she loves to do experiments (if you can't find the lotion, soap, salt, etc, it's because she's probably tried mixing them together to make a new potion - she knows the household cleaning products are off limits). Oh yeah, she loves sparkly dresses, makeup, and wigs. She signed herself up for Academic Games at her school and is doing pretty well. Her dad and I are so proud of her and do what we can to encourage her. Her goal in life is to be an orthodontist.

All you who keep emailing me about how much education you DON'T have, look at Latoya, it took her a decade to get it done and now she is signing up for more by going to grad school. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Get ta' steppin'. If you want a degree and go get it. On your terms, not on anybody else's

Miriam's Good News

Miriam, who lives in Israel, reports that Israel is opening its arms to Sudanese refugees.

Shecode's Good News

Proctor & Gamble's 'My Black is beautiful' campaign is definitely good news for black women and girls everywhere.

"My Black is Beautiful" is a celebration of African American beauty in all of its manifestations. Although conceived by Procter & Gamble (P&G), it is a national conversation-hosted by African American women-about how they define and promote their own beauty standards.

P&G celebrates African American women and challenge the sometimes difficult ways in which that beauty is reflected in popular media. As the leading manufacturer of beauty products for African American women—including Pantene Relaxed & Natural, CoverGirl Queen, Olay Definity, Tampax and Always—P&G believes it is, now more than ever, important to ignite and lead a celebration of and national discussion surrounding African American beauty.Let's acknowledge, support and celebrate corporations that acknowledge, support and celebrate us!

Yes, now if they could only stop handing over hundreds of millions to Viacom to put on the Trilogy of Tawdriness and stop aiding and abetting BET, P&G would be good in my book. Y'all know P&G is one of the BIGGEST advertisers out there. We gon' need to have a conversation with them in 2008. You can't sell me health and beauty products and then use my money to help destroy me and future generations of Black girls... But yes, it is a step in the right direction. Yay My Black Is Beautiful, now if only we could get them to adopt advertising guidelines which prohibit subsidizing the Misogyny Industrial Complex. Baby steps!

AJ's Good News

I originally panned this good news because yet again, it was about a Black man, but my Black male focus group, chimed in that all of these crimes we are depressed and angry about are committed by predatory Black men so it is good news when a Black man appears to be supportive, loving and caring. Who say's I don't listen...

I know Good News is not just about Hollywood entertainers, but I felt that this should be acknowledged. We always hear and see so much bad news about how Black men have stopped even trying to relate to us as Black women or are purposefully trying to denigrate us, but I give Will Smith his props for remembering what it means to be a real man - in particular, a real Black man. His words about the women in his life are inspirational.

Will Smith believes he always has to be at his best, otherwise wife Jada Pinkett might leave him like his first love did. The actor reveals he cannot live unless Jada acknowledges him as the greatest man alive. This makes him work towards perfection as a father, husband and businessman. "My grandmother just thought that I was just the greatest... There was a look of pride that my grandmother had in her eyes that became the fuel that I need for life.

I need my woman, my mother, my daughter and women in general to look at me with that look that my grandmother had. I was about 15 years old when my first girlfriend cheated on me and it so destroyed my concept of myself that I wasn’t good enough. I remember lying in my bed and making a decision that I would never not be good enough again.

“I may have gone a little overboard with it in my mind but every single day Jada must have the look. I can’t function if she doesn’t have that look in her eyes. That means in my movies, as a father, as a husband. I have to educate myself to the place that I can contend as the best on earth and that’s the only way to keep my woman from leaving me.” Contact Music

Ain't that just beautiful! Somebody write me a screen play about that! Write me some lyrics about that right there!

Alfred's Good News

Here is my first submission for the good news train are actually two women: Patricia Dugas and Wiande Moore. Dugas is the mother and Moore the fiance' of injured football player Kevin Everett. Kevin Everett, a player for the Buffalo Bills, was seriously injured making a tackle during a play during the first play of the season. He spine was paralyzed and he nearly died. But thanks to the love, dedication and prayers of these two women in addition to family, friends and the doctor who operated on him, Everett is walking again. The faith and love these two women exhibit is heartwarming and you can read the article, courtesy of Sports Illustrated online.

Yay Patricia and Wiande! Love- It's a beautiful thing

Great! Great! Wonderful Wonderful! Let's keep up the good work. Keep your submissions post-ready and include the links. I am so proud of my LURKERS for stepping out there. See, it was the lurkers that came through with the good news when moi needed it. How will the frequent comment-ors aka, “My Problem Children” respond?

Don't forget you can call in to the Black Women's Roundtable to share your good news live with the entire WORLD. Want to propose to your fiance'? Do it on the podcast and download it to her I-pod. Give a shout out to the kids. That this Thursday at 8:00PM CST on the Black Women's Roundtable Radio Show. Streaming live and downloadable on Itunes

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