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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Perils of Pregnancy: Man Puts Abortion Pills in Breakfast Yogurt

It is extremely dangerous to be a pregnant woman, not because of the health risks associated with pregnancy, but because it places you at extremely high risk of assault and homicide by the father of your unborn child and in some cases, your parents.

I am sure everyone has heard about Bobby Cutts, Jr. being sentenced to 57 years for killing his pregnant girlfriend, but you may not have heard of this story out of Sweeden.

In Sweeden, a man was recently sentenced to 18 months for grinding up abortion pills and mixing them in with his "lover's" yogurt:

The court documents said the woman had decided to have the baby even though he felt he was not ready to be a father. The man ordered some pills on the Internet and fooled his doctor into prescribing others for another condition. The woman ate the yogurt and suffered severe stomach pains and vaginal bleeding.When she later realized what she had eaten, she decided to have an abortion, fearing that the fetus had been damaged by the pills. msnbc.com

This isn't actually that rare. The number one cause of death among pregnant women is homicide. In 2005, Black women were three time more likely to killed than white women.
Most of the murdered women, 56 percent, were shot to death while the rest were either stabbed or strangled.Daily Times
Some studies show that pregnant Black women are SEVEN times more likely to be murdered than pregnant white women, but I doubt any of the trials of their murders will make national headlines. That isn't counting the physical assaults.

The Cutts story also bring up the controversy in the 15 or so states that do not have fetal homicide laws and the increasing number of cases where the fetal homicide laws are being used to prosecute pregnant mothers who engage in behavior that ultimately leads to death or stillbirth. Not everyone supports a separate crime. I wonder why the crimes covering the mothers in some of these cases don't carry sufficient weight to put a murderer away for life without the additional charges.