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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

White-Run "Feminist" Blog Decides to "Celebrate" Black History Month and Can't Figure out Why Black Women Refuse To Participate

So apparently Gawker media's "feminist" blog, Jezebel decided to celebrate Black History Month by asking Black women to send in their best and worst hairstyles so that they could hold an online exhibition.

Got a particularly fuzzy 'fro from 1974 you want to share? Send it in. A crooked set of cornrows courtesy of your frazzled, multitasking mom? We want those too. Oh, and ladies: Jheri curls? Please???? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Jezebel.com
Well apparently, they are disappointed that Black women didn't join in in their own mass mocking, objectification and humiliation. They can't figure out why on earth, we wouldn't want to play in their Black History Month reindeer games.
"Earlier this month, we decided to celebrate Black History Month (and the dearth of black models during Fashion Week) by asking for your best -- and worst -- black hairstyles. And the submissions uh, trickled in. Meaning we barely got any. Seriously, don't black women read this blog?" Jezebel.com
Now they added the caveat that they wanted to celebrate the dearth of Black models AFTER the fact. But it is pretty clear from the first post what they were looking for. WAOD Reader SK is not happy with Jezebel and had this to say:

I am so tired of clueless white liberal indie/hipster women presuming that they don't have to be racially sensitive and they don't have to tread carefully around race because they have decided that there's no way they could ever be racist --- WAOD Reader SK
SK, Um I think the jezebel writer involved is an African American woman. If you would like to help Gawker Media out you can still get in your photo to be placed on exhibition.

Regarding whether Black women read jezebel.com. Of course we do- they have some good stuff on occasion- don't judge reluctance to participate in an online mass mocking as not reading your blog. Can't wait to see what they pull out for March, Women's History Month- What kinds of pictures of their White readers will they solicit?