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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Law Enforcement on Ignoring Crimes Against Black Women and Girls:Romona Moore

"Lady, why are you calling here? Your daughter is 21. These officers should not have taken the report in the first place." Detective to Romona Moore's Mother upon reporting her missing.

Y'all break my heart about three times a week with another tip about the immoral indifference to the carnage committed against African American women and girls in this country. We've covered countless cases where HORRIFIC crimes against humanity and nature are committed against Black women in this country and those crimes are ignored by Black "leaders", underreported by the media ( that means black media and mainstream media), and minimized by thse seeking to protect their perpetrators.

Sean Gardiner of the Village Voice just did a story about Romona Moore, a classic example of how Black women and girls are treated when they go missing.
NYPD Inaction Over a Missing Black Woman Found Dead Sparks a Historic Racial-Bias Lawsuit
Police blew off the story of a young black woman who vanished. She was tortured and murdered. Now, a court ruling has reopened the case on bias grounds. Village Voice
In a case that could be an example for advocates of missing and murdered black women everywhere, Romona's family has cleared the first hurdle in pursuing a federal lawsuit against the NYPD for denying Romona and other Black victims of equal protection of the law... ie, the NYPD investigates missing White women, but appears to ignore similar reports of missing Black women and girls. Romona was a 21 year old college student when she was grabbed off of the street and dragged into a house, raped and tortured for days. She was paraded in front of a group of people, none of which bothered to call police or her family. She was eventually found after the family launched their own amateur investigation. Her mother was blown off by law enforcement.

Now what you have to understand is months earlier another woman went missing, a White woman and this was the NYPD's response:
The day after Aronov vanished, police launched a massive search for her and the cocker spaniel, Bim, she had taken for a walk. The NYPD called a press conference, assigned two dozen detectives to the case full-time, and went door to door, passing out flyers with pictures of Aronov and Bim on them. The cops traced the Aronovs' phone and bank records and analyzed surveillance tape gathered from stores and apartment buildings near her home. A police van emblazoned with the department's 800 tip-line number drove around her neighborhood, blaring details of her disappearance over a loudspeaker. A letter was sent to rare-books dealers, a business the Aronovs dabbled in. Detectives reportedly even consulted a psychic. Village Voice
The story of Ramona is a story about law enforcement ignoring her. But what perhaps is the saddest and heart breaking is that before she died, Ramona was put on display for a parade of people. None of which bothered to dial 911. They saw her. Looked her in the face, or what was left of it as she was forced to repeat what was done to her and then they went about their lives.
Read the full story of the tragic details of her torture and death and the reaction from those who could have saved her life but chose not to.

When I was growing up as a little Black girl in the south, I had a pretty good education in the horrors that could befall a Black person if they found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Race-based hate crimes aren't anything new. But I was completely ignorant about the pervasive rape, torture and killing of Black women in this country---BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE!!!! Not only that, but I apparently had more hope and faith in my fellow man and woman. I grew up in a place where if you heard screams of agony coming from the house next door, you called the police. The death of a human being is a tragedy. The death of our collective humanity to the point where we ignore the screams of our neighbors or look at the brutalized body of a woman and walk away and go on a road trip...there aren't words to describe that.

Somebody send me a story about there being some hope left for humanity. Tell me that the psychopathic and the apathetic are not taking over completely. AARGH!

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