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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

11 Year Old Black Girl Raped By Up to 20 Men While Adults stood by and did.....NOTHING!

Warning: If you are already feeling lousy after reading about Dunbar Village and Newark, skip this post and return to it when you feel better.

Remember when I mentioned this crime in my post "The Five Stages of Grief?" Why the hell didn't we hear about this horror? UPDATE: OH wait, this just gets worse.

I guess all of y'all who don't believe in statutory rape are going to say that the 11 year old was just being fast, right? Hmm one of the perps pulled out the R. Kelly defense

He went to a locked bedroom in his house in the 3700 block of N. 6th St. where he heard "moaning" from inside and eventually was let into the room, where he saw "12, 13 or 14" other men and teens present. He said the girl was freely having sex with several men during the hour he was present, but another man in the room had told her not to have sex with Gurley. She eventually acquiesced, he said, at someone else's urging. The criminal complaint says that person was the 15-year-old boy who is charged.

"I thought she was a boy's girlfriend," he said.

(hmmm where have I heard THAT BEFORE)

So as long as she is a "girlfriend", sex with the underage girl is okay?

He said that he never spoke with the girl and that he didn't think about using a condom. The police officer who arrested Gurley broke the news that the girl was 11, and he later learned the girl had been born with HIV.

It wasn't just men participating in this horror, but they had a 16 year old female instigator:

[T]he girl told police she went to Gurley's house to visit the 16-year-old girl now charged in the case. That older girl suggested the victim perform sex acts with several boys in the house, the victim told police, and she did so, sometimes with more than one person at a time. Some records suggest the older girl directed the victim;

Seriously, this is utterly ridiculous! It is time to declare an end to open season on Black women and girls. Let the battle between Black folks with common sense and those without commence. We might not be victorious, but we have to at least try.

Why aren't we seeing articles on the crisis of the young Black woman? Why do we always seem to be marching on behalf of those accused of crime, but say little or ignore completely victims of crime? Is this poverty's fault again? Not trying to start nuthin', I'm just asking.

UPDATE: Well at least now we know what Rev. Sharpton has been busy doing instead of issuing a statement about crimes against black women and girls. For those who say the Rev. Does not know about Dunbar Village, one of my readers called into his show and I have exchanged e-mails with his indecency initiative chief. So he knows, he just doesn't care as much about this issue as much as he craves getting into a cat fight with a Hip hop "artist."