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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

R Kelly and the Polygamists: Delusional Female Defenders.

The R. Kelly trial is currently underway after about 15 years of delay. Its big news that the jurors in the case viewed the infamous video yesterday.

The 27-minute homemade video shows a man having sex with a young female, who is naked for most of the recording except for a necklace with a cross dangling from it.At the start of the videotape, the man hands the female money and she mouths the words, "Thank you." She is often blank-faced, impassive. The man speaks to the female in a hushed, monotone voice, and she calls him "Daddy."Songs from the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys blare from a radio. The female dances — the man out of view. Back in view, he has sex with her. The man walks up to the camera to adjust it a few times, but his face is often obscured.Prosecutors say the man in the video is Kelly, and that the female is a girl who was as young as 13 when the tape was made between Jan. 1, 1998, and Nov. 1, 2000. Associated Press
Despite all this, can you believe that a group of BLACK WOMEN went down to the courthouse to hold a demonstration on his behalf? Of course you can if you have been reading this blog for any length of time. When it comes to the dehumanizaiton of Black women in this country, don't sleep, many Black women don't value their own lives, let alone the lives of other Black women. Black Acheivement USA, a regular podcast listener loved to say "We love our sons, and raise out daughters.... WITH CONTEMPT!
If you have not read "R Kelly Can Always Count on His WOmen" by Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun Times, you must. Mary lays it all out there after a group of Black women staged a rally on behalf of R. Kelly. Since Mary did an outstanding job reading my mind, I will let her article speak for the both of us. My Sisters, we are not alone!!!

I can think of only one reason young black women would go down to 26th and California and rally around R&B singer R. Kelly.


Although the women who rallied last Friday outside of the courthouse live in a metropolitan area, they are as ignorant about what constitutes appropriate sexual behavior as the women who were locked away on the polygamous compound in Eldorado, Texas. Chicago Sun Times

I leave you with this from Mary's column:
Ironically, while Texas officials raided a polygamous compound to stop older men from marrying underage girls, underage black girls are being impregnated every day by older black men, and these men are rarely held accountable. Mary Mitchell

I won't give you any more quotes take your page clicks over to the Sun Times and show a Sister some support for breaking it down like a fraction, but

We have previously covered the mental illness that causes some Black people to parrot the thoughts of antebellum slave owners. The idea that there is no such thing as a "virtuous" colored girl over the age of 14 and the concept that Black women CANNOT under any circumstances be the victims of sexual exploitation.

Notice that when they went in to the polygamous cult to take away 400 children you didn't see any people rallying at the court house. White teenage girls have to be protected to the tune of millions of dollars and the state taking bus loads of kids away, but Black teenage girls are out of luck. Even if there were large numbers of arrests of predatory older men and boys, I can assure you the NAACP, Rev. Al et al. would be rushing to complain that these men were being treated "unfairly".. Tell that to Warren Jeffs.

What about equal protection under the law for Black teenage girls??? The full weight and force of the law is coming down on the heads of the Texas polygamists while 48% of Black teen age girls purportedly have an STD.

Our "leaders" and delusional supporters will fight like Hell to keep folks out of jail, even when they prey on other members of the community, but did anybody ever think that the victims of these criminals are living in jails of their own? Tell me a 13 year-old who purportedly got pregnant by a fully grown old Karl Malone wasn't "confined" What would she have grown up to do. What places would she have seen? What dreams did she have to defer? What struggles did she endure? Let's not even talk about disease, mental health, and poverty which is its own form of violence. Despite assertions of too many Black folks to count, statutory rape is not a victim-less crime.

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