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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Michelle Obama Depicted Being Tortured: Liberal Bloggers Lose Their Ever Loving Minds

UPDATE(5/25): The creator of this foolishness has responded to critics. If you thought this image was a demonstration of his absolute ignorance, wait until you read his response to criticism.

What was going to your mind when you imagined a Michelle Obama being hung from a tree right before being branded with a hot branding iron that reads "Uppity Liberal?" How did you fix your mind to convince yourself that putting this image up was a smart or persuasive thing to do
No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is Michelle Obama's photoshopped face in that photo. A DailyKos diarist named ONECITIZEN created this. I get the point they were trying to make, Michelle Obama is being criticized by the GOP for numerous things, but really what was going to your mind when you imagined Michelle Obama being tortured by the Klan? SECURITY CALLING SECURITY! To be clear, REPUBLICANS did not create this,a liberal "progressive" blogger created this foolishness.

You can see the original screen capture from Dailykos by going here. It has since been taken down by the site's owner, but not before 155 people commented on the lunacy.

Barack Obama finally stepped up and told folks to leave his wife alone this week, about three months after the "proud of my country" flap where I quite frankly didn't think he defended her enough. In fact, I think he kind of left her hanging OUT THERE.
To recap, this is what Michelle said

Here is Michelle explaining her comments in further detail

First we have Bill O' Reilly trying to "decide" if he is going to "lynch" Michelle. Now this foolishness.

Dear liberal "progressive" bloggers, you don't have to create fictionalized depictions of Black women being tortured. How about you spend some time talking about the Black women in this country that are ACTUALLY being tortured. Not in Africa or Asia, or South America, but right here in THIS country. Romona Moore, Ebony Dorsey, Daniyah Jackson, Dunbar Village, and Dorothy Dixon among many others.

I have the feeling we'll have our hands full just covering Michelle Obama incidents just like this Dailykos foolishness all summer long.

Hat Tip to WAOD Reader RB who never fails to raise my blood pressure with her email tips.