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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What The Heck is in the Water in West Palm Beach, FL and Where the Heck is Governor Charlie Crist on Dunbar Village

“I was so scared,” the woman told WPTV. “Some of them had sex with me twice, some of them had sex with me three times. They’re beating me up. They make me do those things over and over. The man with the big gun, he put the gun inside of me.” (SOURCE)

Head over to Essential Presence to read the latest foolishness out of West Palm Beach Mayor, Lois Frankel and what happened when some folks got a hold of a YouTube video done by WAOD Contributor, Symphony. More YouTube videos are on the way.

We're not the only ones EXASPERATED by what IS NOT going on in West Palm Beach Florida. All hell is breaking loose in West Palm Beach and I say IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!

We are going on three months since the violent gang rape in West Palm Beach Florida
and to date AT LEAST SIX of the TEN rapists are still running around and you wouldn't know if from the response from the government officials in Florida.

Lois Frankel, the Mayor of West Palm Beach has other priorities. Read Lois Frankel is Demented and Dumb.
Governor Charlie Crist is MIA....You can contact Governor Charlie Crist at (850) 488-7146. REALLY... SIX violent militaristic rapists on the loose and there is no law enforcement manhunt? WTF??

Where is the manhunt?
Where is the involvement of state law enforcement?
Where is the FBI? This was a hate crime where the hell are they?
Where is the national news media?

I've stopped asking about BLACK LEADERSHIP.... we know they are immorally indifferent.

It is time to raise PURE UNADULTERATED HELL!

You can listen to me describe the violent gang rape in Dunbar Village by clicking on the media player above.