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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dunbar Village Prayer Vigil - WAOD Readers Making the News- Mayor Lois Frankel of WPB is Demented and Dumb ( yes, I said D-U-M-B)

News about the prayer vigil at Dunbar Village Saturday morning. It was a diverse group of folks out there.
Read about the laziness and ridiculousness that is the governmental leadership in Florida and West Palm Beach.

Two days after the shooting in Newark, Mayor Booker announced a $50,000 reward for information. It grew to $150,000. Within a week, three suspects were arrested, and a warrant issued for a fourth.

In West Palm Beach, two months after the Dunbar assault, six of 10 suspects remain on the loose, and the fourth suspect wasn't charged until Thursday.

It gets WORSE folks. Seriously this is ridiculous.

On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine visited the surviving victim and the elementary school wall where the four were shot.

Will the city help the housing authority with $100,000 to hire a consultant and apply by November for a federal grant of more than $20''million to overhaul Dunbar? Mayor Frankel's open to "discussing" it, but, she said, it's "a lot of money. my earlier interaction with this woman. She ain't all there.

Now in Texas, the Governor has an entire office of people that do nothing BUT help people and organizations apply for federal grants. The train you, they will even review the application for you. An entire office dedicated to bringing the federal income tax dollar of Texans back to the state in the form of grants and this Idiot in West Palm beach can't do the math and figure out that $100,000 ( I doubt it would cost that much and somebody would probably donate their time and do it for free if this dimwit made a public plea.) Hell maybe the people at MY Governor's office would do it since Florida apparently has some issues.

E-mail the Governor of Florida and let him know ( it is a shame he doesn't seem to know this already) that he has a Mayor that is so incompetent that anarchy is reigning in a section of Florida and the Mayor is doing absolutely NOTHING to protect Florida residents in her jurisdiction therefore the State of Florida MUST INTERVENE. Tell him that within a two week span two Black woman were set upon by two different packs of teenage boys. Tell him about the 717 police calls from one housing project. Tell him about the 15 murders in a place with only 334 residents. Tell him that this is happening on his watch and Lois Frankel is doing absolutely nothing about it. I'm drafting my letter now. CC a copy of you e-mail here for a local reporter that talks with the Gov. once a month. Read my letter to the Governor at our overflow site (y'all know I get long winded over here)

Included in the article is a reference to Symphony's YouTube clip. Girl, keep plugging away, you are having an impact. Symphony is going to be the third guest contributor joining the WAOD team. Her first post should be sometime this week... as the article indicates, she's been busy launching a multimedia assault on the League of the Immorally Indifferent.