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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Other Black Bloggers Are Saying About the West Virginia Torture Case.... Dunbar Village Update...and Go Chill Out In Front of Debra Lee's House

Dunbar Village Updates
I have some Dunbar Village updates (because if we don't do it, nobody else will.). The last major thing to come out of THAT CITY was a dog and pony show-like tour of the projects by guv'ment officials. From which absolutely nothing has resulted other than a bunch of sniping and no "action."The City of West Palm Beach, Florida is still stuck on stupid almost 4 months after a 35 year-old woman was brutally gang raped by ten African American teens and forced to perform a sex act on her own child at gunpoint. At the time, we all were asking..How on earth did something like this happen? How could her neighbors listen to this woman and her child scream for three hours and not call 911. How could one of this woman's neighbors say "So what a lady got raped...crime happens here all the time." Well folks we are seeing irrefutable proof that there is something in the water in Florida. The Mayor, Lois Frankel isn't the only one whose performance in this matter is way past poor.

Following the international spotlight landing on their city for this heinous crime, the city commissioners moved into "action" and set up a private security patrol in a place the residents called "hell on earth." Now the money is running out and folks are fighting over funding more security. Now mind you these folks can't even install light bulbs in the street lamps of Dunbar Village, the residents live in Florida without air conditioning despite air conditioners being donated and the Police Chief, Delsa Bush has said that a $1,000 reward is sufficient to induce people into providing information on the remaining six gang rapists that are running around West Palm Beach, four months later.

So where are we now. The city commissioner will be meeting with the Housing Authority on September 19th, WAOD will have boots on the ground as our Guest Contributor Symphony from the blog, Essential Presence has been invited to attend. So we'll give y'all the latest when it goes down. Currently, the WPB Town Council was balking at paying $40,000 for continuing security patrols in Dunbar Village. remember these are the people who recently approved 40 MILLION dollars for a tourist boardwalk. Call Florida's Governor, Charlie Crist and ask him why he isn't weighing in on the zoo-like atmosphere in WPB? These folks are citizens of the State of Florida as well. You can reach him at:850-488-4441


The Black Blogoshpere was all over the attack in West Virginia yesterday. As usual, even our entertainment and gossip bloggers used their highly visible platforms to alert folks about the horror. Concrete Loop, Bossip, Sandra Rose, and Roland Martin all did posts on it. So did Native Son, Mirror on America, and of course Essential Presence is all over it.

Some folks seem to think that WAOD is the only one to have a problem with THAT NETWORK, but we are not alone and new fronts in the effort to stop funding the foolishness are opening up every day.

This Saturday, the Enough is Enough coalition is planning a demonstration at the home of BET CEO Debra Lee. Pastor Coates, the leader has said that already 500 folks have RSVP'd for the demonstration. Please join them on Saturday and send me some text messages updating me.

To RSVP and learn more, go to the Enough is Enough website.

UPDATE: 9/13 More churches are joining in the demonstrations. They now have 600 folks headed to Debra Lee's house to hang out this Saturday. One of my readers in DC has GOT to go and give us a firsthand report.

Seriously... We have got to STOP FUNDING FOOLISHNESS! The cost of foolishness to too high.

I invite you all to revisit our posts, The Five Stages of Grief and the Eight Stages of Genocide. I'll be on National Public Radio on the Show News & Notes. I don't control the topics they select! Search you local NPR listings to hear then the show airs in your area.