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Sunday, August 26, 2007

8 Stages of Genocide.... Sisters Which One Are We On? (This OUGHT to Scare Black Women)

Okay, we had our diversion for the day, let us get back to business.

For genocide and crimes against humanity to occur, the dehumanization of the potential victims must first take place. Perpetrators of such crimes often use art as a tool to help them accomplish their goals. Indeed, without the intense propagandistic effort of the National Socialists to demonize Jews, Africans, Roma, the ill, and others they deemed "undesirable," the genocidal intentions of Hitler and the Nazi party may not have been realized. SOURCE

I am often criticized for focusing on popular culture and mass media. " Aren't there more important things to do than worry about Rappers?" Each time one of these people say this to me I think " This fool is completely ignorant of human nature and human history."

It is no JOKING matter anytime you use instruments of mass media to target an identifiable group of people for dehumanization. I have been working on my first book, Defunding the War on Black Women, and in doing the research, some of the things that are happening to Black women have already happened to other groups in the past.

I found this site that lists the 8 Stages of Genocide and the similarities are frightening. Read it and tell me we have not made it to at least Stage 3 and hell Dunbar Village looks like Stage 4 to me.

SO when I say Defund the War on Black Women, I ain't joking. This isn't funny at all. Don't let other people convince you that the systematic dehumanization of Black women in popular is no big deal. Don't let them convince you that there are more important things to worry about when we have major African American publications referring to Black women who are the victims of horrific crimes as "hookers." What is more important than the survival of future generations of Black women and girls? And yes, there are some fates worse than death.

Let that Marinate! Speak on it.