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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poor Little Rich Boys! 50 Cent - "Blame Anybody BUT ME"

Um the $400 million dollar man speaks about Hip Hop, Imus, the Iraq War, movies. Master P, in one big rambling mess. At some point does he say that the Vice President resigned? The gist of his comments is that he is not responsible to the devolution of culture. Russell Simmons taught him well. Brought to you courtesy of Black Exploitation Television. Thanks Angry Independent

Then here comes T.I with fatherly advice ( He's a father of five. I'm not touching it.)

If we take T.I.'s argument to its natural end.. Using his logic, we don't need child safety caps on medicine because well... the kids parents should be looking. We don't need to put fences around pools or covers on manholes or any other of steps we take to protect children. The truth is that we have some really crappy parents TRUE, but there are easily some devoted caring parents who are battling for the hearts and minds of their children against the materialism, misogyny and thuggery glorification that is commercial Hip Hop.

The problem with his final statement about "as long as there are "b's" "N-words", and "h's" in America , rappers deserving to rap about it is that the African American experience is not monolithic, but you wouldn't know that by looking at what the large entertainment industrial complex presents to the world. To hear urban radio tell it, the only way to get outta the hood is to sell drugs or women.

I'm not saying stop anybody from saying anything. I have a problem with a total an complete lack of balance. Maybe if T.I. didn't listen to so much rap music as a child, he would know that there are multiple careers options available that do not require violating the law, preying on the weak, and poisoning the next generation so that they end up rapping about how screwed up their lives are.

MIGHT I ALSO ADD that Tupac for all his flaws managed to be conflicted. For every "How Do You Want It." there was a "Dear Mama". For every "I Get Around" there was a " Keep your Head Up." So even if you start out talking about drugs, sex, and money, where is the growth? Where is the evolution? Are they going to be on Social Security talking about "slanging rocks?"

Somewhere our ancestors are rolling in their graves. There were hundreds of years when Black folks had alot less than we have today. Heck for hundreds of years we didn't even own our own bodies, but we managed to establish families, a rich and vibrant culture, and even risked our lives to learn how to read.

I think Langston Hughes said it best in his poem, " Mother to Son"

I'm tempted to send a copy to 50 Cent and T.I. Stop whining already. People did a lot more with a lot less and managed not to compromise their morals or exploit their own people in the process.