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Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Some People Should Not Have Children: Rest in Peace Ebony Dorsey

Slideshow elementYes, I know I keep depressing y'all with stories about horrific crimes against Black women and children. I'll stop talking about them, when idiotic mothers stop leaving their children alone with their violent, murderous, drug using, felonious boyfriends. We know how this ends.
"People need to realize, regardless of anything that has been said, he [Mark O'Donnell] is the monster," said Cattie, who otherwise said she could not discuss the pending case. "We've been together for four years and there was no way to tell that this was going to happen." SOURCE

Cattie described him to police as a frequent drug abuser who turned violent when high - a man who had choked her, pulled her hair and thrown her to the ground. SOURCE
Y'all Danielle Cattie is Ebony Dorsey's mother. Mark O'Donnel is the mother's drug dealer and boyfriend of four years. Ebony is dead because she has two idiot narcissists for parents. First, the boyfriend was a married man that the mother was having an affair with. Second, he was a crackhead AND a drug dealer ( a drug dealer show uses his own product...hmmm). Third Cattie put her daughter in a situation to be alone with this @$hole! Fourth, Cattie didn't even notice Ebony was missing for almost two days. SCHOOL DAYS! Shut Up all of you who are going to say I am blaming the mother. I AM!! I'm tired of this crap.

Ebony Dorsey's mother's crackhead boyfriend raped, beat and strangled 14 year old Ebony while she was babysitting HIS 4 year-old daughter. Ebony had been driven by her mother's boyfriend to stay overnight at his apartment and watch his little girl.

Ebony Dorsey's body was found Sunday in a plastic container behind a home on Union Meeting Road in Whitpain Township. Tonight police have charged 48-year-old Mark O'Donnell with her death. O'Donnell freely admits he killed 14-year-old Ebony Dorsey. SOURCE

What is ridiculous and sad is that this pitiful excuse for a mother didn't even notice her child was missing until a day later! She was killed Thursday night, her mother didn't report her missing until Friday evening when she didn't return from school. SHE NEVER GOT TO SCHOOL FRIDAY!

Oh yeah and by the way, young Ebony managed to be a successful honors student despite having a cocaine addict for a mother who had a crackhead boyfriend.

Don't expect to see Ebony's story on NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN.

Oh and EBONY'S FATHER isn't much better!
"What I knew of him I did not like," says Evan Dorsey. He says he warned his daughter of O'Donnell and had his suspicions even before police found the body. "'Trust your father. If I tell you someone's no good, it's because I know. Not everybody who claims to be your friend or be trustworthy is such." SOURCE
Wait a dayum minute? What you knew about him you didn't like, but you allowed your child to be exposed to this guy? YOU SHUT UP TOO! You're just as culpable. SHE WAS 14 you were supposed to PROTECT HER not just warn her to keep away, IF THAT IS EVEN TRUE. You sir are culpable as well!

Brothers, please for goodness sakes, if yo' baby mama is a crackhead who is coupled up with her drug dealing boyfriend and you have a daughter living in this madness, FIGHT! FIGHT FOR CUSTODY. Drag the mother into court and make her pee in a cup. In many states a positive drug screen for illegal drugs is enough for you to walk away with custody. Fight for your kids. Please for the Love of God. Wage war against these idiotic single mothers who keep handing over their daughters to their boyfriends on a silver platter.

Do it for Ebony Dorsey. Do it for Daniyah Jackson.