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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Featured Activism of the Day!

Trinity over at Bronze Trinity is participating in the Positive Hip Hop Free Campaign.

One idea by Chante on Concrete Loop was to have everyone promote rappers who do not have sexist language or negative messages about Black people. We have websites and blogs and so we can decide to advertise and publicize those artists who we think represent us in a positive way. I vow to do this but I need people's help. I don't have a list of rappers who do not degrade women but I am not sure which ones don't use the N-word. Furthermore, I can't possibly listen to everyone and choose. If you know of rappers who have positive lyrics, please let me know and I can get other bloggers involved in promoting them for free.

If you know about someone actively engaged in combating the the WAR ON BLACK WOMEN, let me know. We need to get organized.