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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Featured Activism of the Day - Soldiers in the Struggle

What About Our Daughters strives to be different by highlighting the works of others in the struggle to combat negative portrayals of African American Women in popular culture. Here is the latest batch of featured activism.

Radio Stations Owners Ban Degrading Music
"As an African-American owner of four TV stations and one radio station, I am announcing, effective immediately, that music degrading women and other members of our community will no longer be played on Hot 97.7," said Michael Roberts, CEO of Roberts Broadcasting Company which owns Mississippi's Hot 97.7, in a statement to his employees. "The rule applies to all broadcasting operations owned by my brother Steven and me." (source) You can let them know what you think about their policy feedback@roberts-companies.com. Drop them a note of appreciation. They didn't have to do it.

has an excellent article called The Weary (Nappy-Headed Ho) Blues It is an excellent anthology of art, history and news related to the barrage of insults African American women endure. "I really wish the same righteous indignation and fire and energy used against Don Imus were used to refute degrading lyrics and images broadcast all over the world that call black women "hoes," "tricks" and of course, "bitches."Excellent chronicle She covers Snoop, C. Delores Tucker, Langston Hughes, Stuart Scott. The whole gamut.

Make Hip Hop Not War
Produced by the Hip Hop Caucus. "The Hip Hop Caucus was established to provide a comprehensive agenda for the Progressive and Hip-Hop community both domestically and abroad. The Caucus' programs promote social and political equality in the area of Economics, Education, Health Care, Housing, and Justice"

Remember C. Delores Tucker? Well the organization she led is still around. The National Congress of Black Women. I hunted around their website and have e-mailed them to see what they are currently working on. If you want to See what they are doing, you can contact them and visit the site. They are currently raising money for a Sojourner Truth memorial.