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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hip Hop Toyline.. Getting Them While They're Young

Just what young black children need... a HIP HOP toy line.( From crunktastical.com). "With Baby Jamz, we're going after that hip-hop mom." Let us all hope that this hip hop toy line and accompanying CD collection stresses that the letter "Z" generally does not indicate the plural form of a word. This wonderful idea is being brought to you by Beyonce's daddy . You know the former IBM executive. I hope this is not yet another case of rich black folks taking advantage of the huddled masses. AGAIN. We'll reserve judgment, but we might have to march on Toys- R-Us.

Knowles pointed to a lack of children's toys that reflect urban society as the main impetus. "There is a real opportunity for us to make a benchmark here, with Planet Toys making the toys and Music World making the music," Knowles said.YahooNews

MY PEOPLE. MY People! Am I the ONLY person that sees anything wrong with a toy that reflects urban society? Just what exactly IS urban society?