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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Take Back Our Music Campaign 2007 Hip Hop Songwriting Contest

The Take Back the Music Campaign is Sponsored by Essence has been going strong since 2005. Who says we haven't been screaming about misogyny in music. This campaign is two year old.
According to their site, their goals are to:

  • provide a platform for discussion about popular music’s more extreme images of Black women;
  • explore the effects of such imagery on our children, especially our girls;
  • seek greater balance in how Black women—and Black men—are portrayed in popular music and culture;
  • encourage readers to examine their own attitudes on the subject;
  • promote artists who deliver positive alternatives so that readers can vote with their dollars;
  • give readers a blueprint for how they, too, can get involved in our campaign in whatever ways make sense for them.
When you get a chance, drop by. They even have a songwriting competition.