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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Screen Captures Showing Advertisers for "Hot Ghetto Mess" Page on BET.Com

I try to avoid pictures on this site due to copyright issues, but I think this falls well within fair use since I am criticizing them for displaying their corporate logos along site a "blackface" cartoon and promoting a show called "Hot Ghetto Mess" Clearly THIS is not what they thought BET would bring to their brand. So Looks like we got. State Farm ( really disappointing), KFC, AT&T and Daimler Chrysler. Earlier I saw a Target ad. I hadn't mastered screen captures then, but I am sure it will roll around again. I suspect that once they find out about this, they will try to erase all evidence that they actually sponsored this foolishness. I KNOW the banner ads run randomly, and these companies have no idea what BET is doing with their brands. That is my point. BET executives can't be trusted with your brand.