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Thursday, July 12, 2007

HotGhettoMess.Com - Should Child Abuse and Neglect be Couched as a Form of Entertainment?

Mark this down as reason number 1001 for why a reputable corporation should have nothing to do with BET's upcoming show, " Hot Ghetto Mess."

I am convinced that these corporations have no idea that the website that is the basis of the show contains rampant nudity and pictures of very young children in abusive and neglectful conditions. Child abuse and neglect should not be a form of entertainment. I am wondering how BET is explaining this sponsors. I really wish a reporter would ask BET about these very young children. According to the NY Post:

At least one gallery of photos on the site shows toddlers and infants
photographed holding bottles of beer or with cigars in their mouths.

A comment over at Racialicious also noted the toddlers appearing on the site.

Some of the photos on the “Just Sad” page (which focuses on children and youth)
are extremely disturbing and inappropriate, and many depict blatant child abuse
and neglect. One photo (two men posing a clothed female infant in a really disturbing position) could even meet the legal definition of child pornography. I won’t link the page because it is too f**ked up, but click in the “Just Sad” tab in the left sidebar to see for yourself.

Seriously Debra Lee, Reginald Hudson, and Viacom WHY would you bring a site that exploits Black toddlers and in some cases posts photographs displaying these children in a compromising position? Why would you allow one of your advertisers associate their brand directly or indirectly with a site displaying very young African American children and then laugh about it on BET.com saying that your show is "a car crash you can't look away from?"

Will a reporter ask BET this question? Just end this foolishness. Surely even check cashing companies, liquor distributors or psychic hotlines don't want to associate themselves with this foolishness. What companies are going to subsidize this?