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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not Buying it Jameela

This is my response to some of Jameela Donaldson's recent comments on What About Our Daughters.

Yeah it is a little late to be trying to discuss why you created THAT WEBSITE. I read your comments (see post called "What About Our Daugthers Wins Battle!!!) and find it interesting that you are maintaining that you receive images of children and post them in the hopes that parents will see or someone will help the children. Sure Jam. The next time I see someone getting hurt or making a fool of themselves I'll just post them on the internet and maybe someone will help them. Sure. I guess it wouldn't be helpful at all to send those photos to an organization that helps children or something. I don't know about the US but in Canada, if someone suspects that a child is being abused then they have a duty to report that to the proper authorities. We don't post their photos on the internet.

So what if the photos are posted elsewhere on the net? It matters where it is posted and in what context. Putting them all together on a site called YOU KNOW WHAT makes a big difference. People don't expect others to take their profile photos, or photos on social networking sites and re-post them somewhere else. They probably feel safe on those sites with people who want to make friends or date. If they wanted their photos on THAT WEBSITE they would have sent them in personally.

I have an idea for you. Why not start a site called "Ugly People Who Should Hide Their Faces". Go around to dating sites and Myspace and find people who you consider unattractive. Then post their photos on the site. On the same site post people you consider attractive. Then those ugly people will learn that they shouldn't take photos of themselves, and they should wear make-up, get surgery, or hide their faces so they are no longer ugly. If we use your reasoning Jam then that would be a public service.

Maybe Jam, people don't notice the gallery with positive images because THEY VISIT YOUR SITE FOR THE NEGATIVE IMAGES! If they wanted nice photos of people they would not visit a site like yours. They want to see the train wreck and they are not going to be distracted by the pretty flowers you place around it. It doesn't work. That goes the same for the articles. People go to your site to see Black people looking badly and I doubt they care very much about anything else posted there. You even said yourself that no one mentions the articles or positive images...pssst here's a secret...they didn't even notice them.

I would suggest scrapping the site and creating one about positive and historical people of African Descent all over the world. We need a site like that where people can go and see how to be leaders, successful, and happy in their lives. The media is already flooded with negative images of us. We don't need to add to that. Hey Jam, I understand that you are trying to use the internet to inspire Black people to do better. Well many bloggers, newspapers, magazines, and websites are using theirs to inspire you to do better. Doesn't seem to be working on you either.

Bronze Trinity