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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rappers Within Borders - Australia Ain't Having 'Em

You might recall lasts month's post about alerting Canadian officials to Akon's violent criminal past. Well they are already on it in Australia and parent's groups are pushing immigration officials to deny entry to Akon and The Game. IN an article " Hip hop hatred heads here", Australia's parents are not having it. You gotta love how the paper describes Akon and The Game:

R&B star Akon and rapper The Game – whose songs are laced with violent, racist, homophobic and sexist lyrics – are headlining the "Roc tha Block" tour on August 11 at Vodafone Arena.

Tell us how y'all really feel. Basically Hip Hop is facing the prospect that their touring is going to be limited to the United States. Can you say OUCH for the bottom line. Whew, this warms my heart. We are not alone!