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Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Who's Your Caddy" - Brought to Us by Bob Johnson

Billionaire Bob Johnson still hasn't purchased a soul or any common sense. Go over to Eurweb to read his full comments. Apparently "Who's Your Caddy" is his first jaunt into movie making under his new studio.

"We'll let Jerry Springer get away with that or we'll let Morton Downey get away with that or we'll let the people at VH1's 'Flavor of Love' get away with that. But when it's black folks making the decision to do that, all of a sudden people start saying you can't do that because you have a greater obligation. And then they go to advertisers and many white advertisers will head for the hills the moment they see themselves in the middle of a black controversial issue. They will stop, [partly] because they don't really want to be on it; don't value it; or they don't know how to handle it."

Is that so? Thanks for the heads up that advertisers are easy to scare off of a show. That is very useful information. He's good for something folks!