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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the De-Thuggification of the American Mainstream- "Keeping it Real", "Stop Snitching", and Black WOmen Could Learn Alot from PETA

(source). Folks, this stuff ain't cute anymore. So you folks in Philly need to get your placards together and roll on over to Miller Dodge. Pimps are sex traffickers and abusers of women and girls. Why would Daimler Chrysler let their products be associated with this foolishness. We let this mess happen..... But on to the post.

Is our long national nightmare over? Are we watching the De-Thuggification of the American Mainstream? A girl can dream can’t she?

Folks, the “keeping it real” invitation issued by the NBA and the NFL has officially been rescinded. You can expect more clamping down from these behemoths dominated by rich folks who, unlike Black America, aren’t willing to let “thug culture” take them down with it. The NFL and NBA no longer want to be “down” and all those grown men who play a game for a living had better get a clue really soon. “keeping it real” has gotten REALLY OLD. If you don’t get a reality check real fast, you might end up real broke!

“No Snitching” - Apparently Vick’s Boys Didn’t Get the Memo
First, we’ve seen clear evidence that the “STOP SNITCHING” phenomenon can be crushed like a bug if prosecutors get creative. *POOF* went the “stop snitching” when every single one of Michael Vick‘s “boys” started talking. (Looking at you Carmelo Anthony) It wasn’t the dog fighting charges that got Vick to cop a plea, it was the imminent threat that they were going to throw in some RICO charges on top of what he was already facing and perhaps the idea that even after serving time in federal prison, he’ll still have some years left on his professional football career. Plus do you really want to sit through a trial where live witnesses are describing all the vicious way you could torture and kill our furry friends? Who the hell would cheer for you after what you did to Lassie and Old Yella. Ray Lewis could recover from being "involved" in a murder, but violating our family friends, what little kid with a pet at home is going to want to wear your jersey? Did I mention he might have to give back a $20 Million signing bonus if he get suspended form the league. OUCH. But We’re keeping it real. One year will do little to change his perspective. When he gets out somebody will want to sign him, if the NFL will let 'em.

As much money as hip hop culture might have brought in by expanding the audience, the NBA and NFL finally seem to have realized that Thug Culture and “keeping it real” ain’t the best image when you trying to sell expensive tickets and boxes to mainstream America. Being antisocial, anti authority, anti woman, pro pimp, pro prison, pro drugs, pro violence really ain’t marketable beyond those truly embracing the “lifestyle.” So stay tuned . You can expect the corn rows and the ubiquitous visible tattoos to go next once the folks with the endorsement deals decide they want to “go another way.” Hopefully someone will tap them on the shoulder and indicate that that might want to marry one of their Baby's Mamas as well ( Looking at you Labron)

“Keeping it Real” is messing with the NFL and the NBA’s paper and they ain’t having it. Maybe we should take a hint from them and start imposing more economic sanctions on folks acting a dayum fool. Shut our pocketbooks closed and WATCH what happens. Don’t worry about Michael Vick, his agent is already scripting his redemption story, I wonder if Vick will walk out of prison wearing a crocheted poncho a la Martha Stewart? It better not be made out of animal products or PETA is going to get at cha' boy again.

Believe you me, if “keeping it real” gets kicked out of professional sports, you can bet that “Keeping it real” could soon go the way of bell bottoms, high topped fades and Hammer pants. A girl can dream can’t she?

What Black Women Might Learn From People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Speaking of PETA, can they adopt us or something? The next time I get criticized for speaking in defense of Black women and girls I am going to ask, What Would PETA Do? You see PETA is unapologetic in it’s defense of animals. It doesn’t appear to worry about hurting carnivores’ feelings. Its not really concerned with charges of racism or worry about being divisive, it doesn’t back down and it is not afraid to act a fool if necessary.

They want to add clauses to the personal conduct policy of the NFL regarding animal cruelty. Um PETA, can y’all add a clause in there for women as well, our advocacy organizations are busy having brunches and conventions and throwing awards to honor themselves, they can’t really be bothered to think of something ingenious such as altering the contracts of all professional athletes to basically say that if you keep engaging in violent acts against God’s creatures off the field, we are going to gank yo’ check.

"PETA is again calling on the NFL to add cruelty to animals - in all its forms - to its personal conduct policy. This case has clearly shown that NFL fans are just as outraged by cruelty to animals as they are by any of the other anti-social behaviors outlined in the policy."(Source)

Viva la PETA! Sisters are y’all taking notes? Money talks. Stop Funding Foolishness!