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Friday, August 10, 2007

Donating to the Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund- My "Wachovia Experience"

Read about the horror at Dunbar Village here.

Today I passed a brand new branch of Wachovia on my way home and made a U-turn to go see if I could make my donation there. First, it is so new that they don't have any customers so when I walked in 18 people were lined up to say "Welcome to Wachovia!" I told them "Okay, THAT was scary."Then I asked them if I could donate to a victim's assistance fund being handled by Wachovia in Florida. They asked for the name: Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund and then the city: West Palm Beach Florida. They pulled it up in about 5 seconds. They only would accept cash or check so I had to roll down the street to my bank to get some cash. You can use the Wachovia ATM, but I would rather burn up gas driving a half mile than to pay an ATM fee ( Yes my bank sucks).

When I got back to the Wachovia, they had everything set up to go. They had pulled up the account number for the fund. I handed over my cash and the man gave me a receipt. Three minutes max. So save a stamp and just walk in to any Wachovia Bank near you. Ironically, when I got home to check my mail, I had a cash back bonus award check in the mailbox. Give to the Universe and the Universe gives back to you. Take up a collection at work, family, whatever and drop it off at a Wachovia branch near you.

Checks can be made payable to the Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund-St. Ann. They can be dropped off at any Wachovia branch or mailed to: St. Ann Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401. The church’s phone number is (561) 832-3757. (SOURCE)