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Monday, August 13, 2007

Teachers Discipline Black Girls For Being Assertive

Well this explains ALOT. Mama, see it was so not my fault. I told you it was the teachers and not me. This study was conducted in Texas too. I wonder if it included any of my teachers?

The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition reports that teachers at the Texas school were observed over a two year period, disciplining black girls to show more passivity and deference, when other children were “rarely disciplined in the same manner for their actions”. The F-Word

Well clearly these efforts did not work in my case. Actually they did temporarily, but that is another post. But yes I can attest to the fact that you pay a heavy price for being an assertive Black girl in school. Hell, you pay a heavy price for being an assertive Black woman, but you get to a point where you just don't care. The cost of being silent is too high.

ON a lighter note.... Speaking of Texas. This brother got busted when 1-800 Flowers sent a thank you note to his house.... except the flowers were for his girlfriend and when his wife called to inquire about the thank you note apparently 1-800 flowers spilled the beans. NOw he has to pay child support (GASP! THE HORROR!) and the wife want $300,000 , but of course taking responsibility for being stupid would just be too much so he is suing 1-800 flowers for $1.5 mil. He also wants mental anguish. Oh to be on that jury...OH and it's in Harris County too... BWAAAH! You have got to watch this tape! Now that I have stopped laughing.... he actually might have a legal leg to stand on. They did fax the receipt to a third party, the wife. I ain't ever gotten a thank you card from 1-800 flowers. I almost think the person taking the order sent the card to the wife on purpose.