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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

XXL Magazine calls Dunbar Village Victim "some hooker down in Florida"

UPDATE: More gruesome details regarding the Dunbar Village gang rape came out in court today. Read more here. and six of these bastards are still running around.

Welcome XXL Readers Despite the fact that our efforts related to THAT SHOW haven't been posted about on this blog for almost a month and we've moved on from a certain D-List comedian. Folks are still writing about it and apparently they have been on vacation since May or something. Now, in an effort to attack me and this blog (like I care), this XXL writer has called the Dunbar Village victim a "Hooker"

She’s also been involved with the protests against rap music that have stemmed from the Don Imus incident as well as the protests against the comedian DL Hughley, who had the sheer balls to suggest that the Rutgers University women’s basketball team were some of the ugliest women he’d ever seen in his life. That fucking racist. Based on a cursory perusal of her blog, it looks her latest mission involves protesting media outlets that haven’t devoted enough coverage to the gang rape of a black woman by about 20 black men somewhere down in Florida.

I don’t know about the rest of you fruits, but I hope she’s successful in this effort. Raping a woman is just wrong, and I thought she brought up a good point in comparing the media coverage of this incident to the coverage of the execution-style killings of four college students in New Jersey. What’s worse, that some hooker down in Florida is out $300, or that four college students in New Jersey are no longer living? If you answered the latter, I wonder about your solidarity with the black race (read a black woman’s ego). (SOURCE)

First, I never compared the media coverage of the Newark murders to the media coverage of Dunbar Village. I applauded the actions of Mayor Corey Booker and Governor James Corzine when compared to West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and Governor Charlie Crist. I was just as saddened and horrified and have talked about the lack of attention by civil rights organization to violent crimes against Black people.

Second, hate on me all you want, but this woman in Dunbar Village was not a hooker. She was a 35 year old single mother who was selling Avon and delivering phone books to pay the rent when ten Black males invaded her home and gang raped her for three hours and beat her son. While the mother and son were screaming, her neighbors didn't bother to call the police. The attackers forced this mother to perform oral sex on her 12 year-old son and then poured cleaning solution on them as they laid naked in the tub, blinding the son and burning the mother's skin. This woman was not a hooker and you are going to BURN IN HELL for referring to her as one in an attempt to attack me. You can read about this horrible crime here. Yeah, they really hate us that they can't have compassion for what happened to this woman.

Again, I have never called for an apology from DL. I haven't tried to shut down any of his shows. All I have ever said is that I respectfully disagree and that his First Amendment defense of his foolishness.

I will not apologize for standing up and saying that the days of using African American women as sacrificial lambs should be over. This isn't about censorship, this is about a) pushing back against images and messages that have gone unchallenged for too long and b) refusing to subsidize things that demean and degrade Black women.

DL and his Hip Hop brethren have the right to say whatever vile and disgusting things they want, I just don't want to have to pay for it by purchasing the goos and services of companies who do.

I don't even have the heart today to respond to the fact that this bastard called the Dunbar Village victim a "hooker." Wow. I thought folks were exaggerating and being melodramatic, but some folks REALLY have an enduring hatred of Black women. It is just always shocking to see it in print.

I don’t expect Harris Publications(Phone: 212-807-7100), publisher of XXL to be compassionate or be a good corporate citizen or not hate and despise Black women, their business model does not allow it, but they could at least try to be accurate about a vicious hate crime.

All I ask is that their editors review the known facts related to the Dunbar Village gang rape and determine whether it is appropriate for one of their columnists to refer to this 35 year-old single mother who was raped and sodomized for three hours by ten men and boys while they beat her child and later forced her to perform a sex act on her 12 year old son as “some hooker down in Florida.”