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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Auntie O Puts On a Show...of Support for THAT CANDIDATE (My Take on the- Obama Fundraiser.Yeah, I went there!...AGAIN!))

UPDATE(9/10): Black America Web has an interesting story about a SUPPOSED gender gap between endorsements from The Black Elite Establishment..... Apparently some Black men are lining up behind Hillary Clinton and One Black Women, Oprah lines up behind Obama, thus BAW concludes thee is a gender war within the Black community. Well we'll take a declaration of War wherever we can get it.

We don't do presidential politics on this blog, but since this definitely falls under Black women claiming their power and the power of the purse, I would be remiss if I didn't do a post on Oprah throwing a 3 million dollar fund raiser for THAT CANDIDATE.

No, we don't mention THAT CANDIDATE'S name around here because of this

You see I don't have a problem with folks taking issue with the length of Genarlow Wilson's sentence, but must we engage in revisionist history and try to portray Mr. Wilson as if he was Steve Urkle and what happened in that hotel room was a scene out of Romeo and Juliet. The two girls involved have been abandoned and forgotten. The 15 year old has even been the target of threats of physical violence. The two girls never get mentioned unless it is to say that what happened was their fault. Have y'all seen portions of the video tapes that were made of these girls? I hope not because that would be child porn, but the brief clip shown during a discussion about the Wilson case makes me think that THAT CANDIDATE did not get a full briefing. "Boyfriends" don't do this to their "girlfriends." How does the 17 year old victim feel when Obama, Sharpton and their ilk are running around calling her brutal violation "consensual." I didn't know you could consent when you were passed out on the bed. Call me CRAZY! ( Some of y'all already do.)

The State of Georgia has seen fit to set an age of consent in order to have various types of sex. Mr. Wilson and his buddies had to be familiar with the term "jailbait". We grew up knowing that 15 will get you 20.

I just wonder if Auntie O knows that Obama is running around calling what happened in that hotel room as "consensual sex between a young man and his 15 year old girlfriend." I know I am an old fogie in my 30's but I ain't ever heard of a teen boy letting his "girlfriend" perform oral sex on 5 of his buddies while he holds a video camera. I can just imagine the general election campaign ads with that clip right there, and I actually liked THAT CANDIDATE. Imagine that YouTube clip juxtaposed with the clip from the video that Mr. Wilson and his buddies made of their hi jinx. Not. Going. To. Be. Pretty. Don't say moi didn't warn y'all. Immoral Indifference is so not a good look here at WAOD.

Read what I said a month ago in Where it the Outrage over R. Kelly and Genarlow Wilson ( Yeah, I Went There).
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