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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Virginia Rape and Torture Vitcim Arrested

Thanks Kitty for the tip. The Virginia rape and torture victim has been arrested on hot check writing...... nice to know law enforcement has its priorities straight. Way to encourage victims to report crime. Just excellent!

Megan Williams is charged with offenses in Summers, Raleigh and Greenbrier counties. There are 11 misdemeanor counts of writing worthless checks, one misdemeanor count of obtaining under false pretenses and one felony count of failure to appear in circuit court in Summers County, according to documents provided by Kanawha County Magistrate Ward Harshbarger.
It is not whether she should have been arrested, but when they chose to do it. Were they going to have trouble hunting her down or something? My hope is that they want to get this out of the way now as opposed to later, but man, can her cuts heal first the woman has gangrene. This ought to make her just enthusiastic as ever to take this to trial. There is a TON of discretion when it comes to warrants and when you have to go in and take care of them. They could have even scheduled a date for her to come in and take care of them in advance.

Mama Williams, THIS is what happens when you elect to put your face and name out there as an accuser. Once it is out there, you can't go backwards and all the circumstances arising out of having your name out there go along with that. I am not saying whether she should or shouldn't have done it one way or another, but this would have been reported without this woman's name if they hadn't released this to the press.