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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WAOD Historic Occasion - First Female Recipient of the WAOD "Wagging Finger of Shame Award" - No It is NOT Debra Lee

I refuse to let this blog become engulfed by THAT NETWORK again as it did in July, therefore, we take this temporary break from THAT FOOLISHNESS to hand out another "WAOD Wagging Finger Of Shame Award." Our previous winner was Verizon . Rev. Al almost won the WAOD WFSA, but he got his essay in just under the wire. We will be accepting new nominations for the WFSA on a regular basis going forward.

Now all of the men who boo hoo on the regla' that I am too hard on Black men while not holding Black women accountable ( THAT IS SO NOT TRUE), well y'all can pull out the confetti and Champelle and write this date down on your calendar. Savor it because, in some of y'allz minds, it might not come round til' the next lunar eclipse.

I tend to be a live and let live kind of person. To each his own. If you like it, I love it. What you do in the privacy of your home is your business. So while I may clown entire groups of people for certain behavior that I deem FOOLISH, I tend to limit my criticism to organizations, corporations, and those who have elected to hold leadership positions in those organizations/corporations. But there comes a time when an individual takes it upon themselves to share their personal and private foolishness with all the world, as if they are proud of their foolishness. When that happens good men and women must stand up and tell the foolish to go somewhere and sit down.

Last week, I posted about the Concubine Conspiracy, the conspiracy to mainstream the concept of Black women renting out their wombs to become baby mamas.

Now if you elect to procreate with a man who likes to play Johnny Appleseed with his sperm, that is your choice, but when you go in a national publication publicizing the fact that you are going to intentionally alienate your children from their siblings, I call foolishness.

So our latest winner of the WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award goes to Kim Porter, for being cruel, selfish, and generally a bad role model for saying the following about her son Christian:

Porter bristles when asked about the possibility of her children meeting their half sister. "Christian’s got two beautiful sisters. He ain’t thinking about the other one. , trust me when I tell you. That situation is over there, and this is over here and I ain’t got nothing to do with that” Courtesy of Bossip via Essence.
The other one would be a new born baby girl that Puffy had with another baby mama in Atlanta. How does she know what her son is thinking about? Would he tell this woman if he was thinking about his baby sister in Atlanta? Based on the tone of this interview, if I were him, I'd keep my thoughts about my sister to myself as well. "NO WIRE HANGERS!"

Is this what you call "NO ORDINARY LOVE?"

Have y'all ever been to a funeral for a man that had more than one family? Typically, it is in a case of divorce, where there are two sets of kids. There is no sadder, more pathetic sight than a bunch of grown children competing for their rightful place while Daddy is chilling in the casket, covered by a carnation spray. They fight over who gets to ride in the limo. They fight over who can sit where in the church. If it's an open casket funeral, they fight over who is going to climb in the casket with daddy right before they close it ( I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!) They fight for who can cry the loudest or scream "DADDY!" the most in the middle of the service. They fight over who gets listed in the program and in what order, who gets to shovel the first clump of dirt on the casket. They fight over all the macaroni, green bean casseroles, bunt cakes and buckets of chicken folks bring over to Daddy's house for the "family." Why? Because they are a group of strangers with no relationship who competed over the same man their entire lives and they will compete over him beyond death. Plus, their animus towards each other was probably fueled by their Mothers hating each other's guts.

Whether this poor child acknowledges that he knows or cares about his half sister, he will. He won't tell his mother this out of loyalty and because he will know that his mother apparently hates the mother of his half sister. But if he is raised half way right, he is going to have some kind of bond with his baby sister.

Sure you argue you fuss and you fight, but your siblings are with you from cradle to grave. Why deny the kids that bond just because the Mamas are jealous and crazy. Schedule a duel between the Baby Mamas and let them battle it out over Puffy Appleseed, but leave the kids out of the drama.

Take a cue from Nicole Murphy:

Baby Angel was already getting to know her half-sister, and Nicole Murphy – whose divorce from the actor was finalized in April 2006 after 12 years – even comforted the crying child when mom Brown went to the restroom. She rocked Angel until Mom returned, then the two new friends continued laughing and playing with the baby. Source

Kim Porter may be a lost cause, but lest any men with multiple babies by multiple women think that it is okay to allow your children to grow up without knowing and loving each other, I leave you with two words..... JAMES BROWN.

Do you really want to end up stuck in a casket in the back parlor while all of your kids fight over "Daddy?" Do you really want a judge exhuming your body to take DNA samples so that somebody can prove you are their daddy long after you are gone?

Seeing as how the "Daddy" in this case has "issues" perhaps the paternal grandmother can step in to at least make sure that the kids get to see each other on "MEE MAW's" birthday. On second thought perhaps not.


Folk we have to fight back normalizing this behavior. Something is wrong in the world where this woman felt comfortable declaring that she is going to make sure her children don't know their half sister. That is what happens when we normalize "I Be Concubining!" That is a shame.

Stop Engaging your children in FOOLISHNESS, and if you do engage your children in foolishness, be smart enough not to crow about it in a national magazine as if it is something to be proud of. Folks, rebuke this foolishness when you encounter it in your daily lives.