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Friday, September 21, 2007

Week in Review: Patti Labelle, Juanita Bynum, Jena 6, Dunbar Village, Debra Lee's Petunias - What WAOD and Black Bloggers Were Talking About

UPDATE: I keep trying to tell y'all that the reason we need to pay attention to Dunbar Village is because it is part of a pattern. So yesterday, THIS STORY broke.

Three men who held 10 Lakewood High School students hostage during the weekend forced the teenagers to smoke marijuana and tried to force them to perform sex acts on one another, lawmen said. SOURCE

Ignore Dunbar Village at your own peril. I am telling you the ingredients for the Dunbar Village disaster are everywhere.
It's scary to think that we've got young people out there that would even think of doing something like this to someone else," Thornton said.

Clearly, Sheriff Thornton hasn't heard about Dunbar Village. It is not just black women in the crossfire, all of us, white folks too are in danger. Did you think we could have a popular culture that made sex a sport and glorified making rape a weapon and not pay a price? Remember how pre 911, hijackings went down a certain way, if you didn't resist, you had a pretty god shot of making it out alive. Now you ought to know that when the robbers come, they aren't just coming for your material things, they want to engage in crimes against humanity and nature. Keep sleeping on Dunbar Village.

And now for the week in review. Y'all don't forget that moi will be blogging from DC next week for the Congressional hearing on the entertainment industry. If something goes down, you'll hear it here first. If nothing goes down, you'll hear it here first. WAOD- Telling it like it is since April 2007 BWUAHAH! Okay so what went down in the Black blogosphere and on WAOD this week?

This YouTube clip of Patty Labelle calling out a fan for saying something inappropriate just made my heart feel good. A black woman stopping a man on the spot for being disrespectful in front of a bunch of people.She went soft on him at the end though. Concrete Loop, Young Black and Fabulous, and Sandra Rose were on it.

Juanita Bynum's critics are on her for asking for $200,000 to build a "threshing floor" so she can pray to God. Last time I checked, the ALMIGHTY was omnipresent. At least that is the theology of Bedside Baptist Church, Pastor A. Larm Clock, Sr. One of my favorite commentators, Attorneymom, who never fails to disagree with me publicly (I LOVE IT!), has up a YouTube clip over at her new blog Character Corner basically saying that Bishop Tommy "The Hit Man" Weeks was set up by the Profit-tess. This is based on a sermon she preached 11 days prior to the throwdown in the Renaissance Hotel parking lot. I agree, we don't know the whole story, but what are you trying to say? Juanita stuck out and tripped Bishop Weeks and as he was falling to the ground her reached for her neck to keep himself upright? Black folks LOVE conspiracies. Maybe it is what it is, a man beat up his much smaller wife. He could have walked away.
  • Black bloggers got major shine for their role getting word out about the Jena 6. I got calls from reporters and producers about the Jena 6, but I forwarded them on to fellow bloggers who have been in the thick of things. Character Corner has a great run down of Jena 6 coverage and who showed up. However you feel about the issue, no on can deny the continued emergence of Black bloggers. 2008 is going to be INSANE! for Black bloggers. Absolutely insane!

  • I can't share too many details at the point, but the Dunbar Village story is going to be featured in a national magazine in November. This is a marathon people! Our second PSA, my very first effort called "Immoral Indifference" has been viewed by over 32,000 people and my second PSA, "Janjaweed in America" is off to a fast start, already 1,200 folks have viewed it in less than 24 hours. E-mail it to friends. it is only 3 minutes long.

  • Enough is Enough has another rally scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday at noon. Same time, same location. I wonder if Debra Lee will set out milk and cookies this week?
    Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 12:00 noon and every Saturday after that, Rev. Coates will be leading protests at local media outlets and corporations that sponsor these messages that are destroying the minds of our people and are impacting how the world views women and people of color. If you are equally concerned, plan to attend these marches. Share it with your friends and family. Rev. Coates will announce the protest locations in the future. If you have any thoughts or comments about this movement, share you thoughts about the campaign by sending an email to: enoughisenoughcampaign@hotmail.com.
    Go back and read our coverage of the first successful rally when 500 people showed up. If you are in DC tomorrow, stop by. My reader who went last week said it was AMAZING. You never know who might pop up.
  • Welcome Ebony readers! Mama read it to me over the phone last Saturday. I didn't get a copy until Monday because no stores around here sale Ebony. I had to roll to 7-11. No, I wasn't interviewed for the article, the writer just sliced together different quotes to suit his purposes, but hell at least they gave me a shout out and Mama was happy(I'm Mama is happy then I am happy unless I'm unhappy which would mean Mama was unhappy too.... but I digress). They missed an opportunity to do a story on the emergence of the Black blogosphere, but they'll figure that out in about a year or two after everybody else. Instead they spent ten pages of their publication doing a fluff piece on a dying cable television network. Yeah it looks like it is alive and kicking, but it has a bunch of severely blocked arteries from some hard living. Of course Reginald Hudlin was just as dismissive of BET critics as usual, referring to us as "young fogies". Viacom, for real, they're going to ride you 3 billion burro off a cliff with this attitude. Y'all just watch, in about five years the Wall Street Journal will be asking what happened? They were arrogant and would not listen, that's what happened.

  • This week's featured story was, After Meeting, Nothing Changes with Dunbar Officials. Symphony, a WAOD contributor who runs the Essential Presence blog has been all over the Dunbar Village story, she actually was invited to West Palm Beach and toured Dunbar Village. We talked yesterday and she said as bad as the bureaucrats look from a distance, it is far worse in person. She wrote an amazing peice for WAOD also cross posted at Essential Presence. Y'all go over to Essential Presence and thank her for her work. Spending up her good tank of gas to get us the scoop. She gives us a prospective we can't get through other media sources such as the incompetence of the Housing Authority Director who says Dunbar Village residents had been "traumatized by the media attention"....hmmm as if they weren't traumatized by living in a place they called "Hell on Earth"? SO when can we expect this woman's resignation? No really, I think we are going to have to do another PSA. "LAUREL ROBINSON..THERE IS NO SHAME IN RESIGNATION!" We're ground zero for info on Dunbar Village and the League of the Immorally Indifferent.

So I will see everyone at the in DC Tuesday. If you can't go, you can watch the webcast and of course moi will give you the latest and greatest. Do y'all think Debbie Lee would invite me in for tea if I stopped by her crib? Probably, but I wouldn't drank nuthin' up in the Devil's playhouse. Let me ship off a vial of Fiji water to Rev. A. Larm Clock, Sr. of the Bedside Baptist Church so he can bless it and I can ward off evil spirits! Until next time....Stop Funding Foolishness!